Hike Nagarkot to Changunaryan Temple

Tour itinerary:

Hike Nagarkot to  Changunaryan Temple

A great to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city for a day, Everest Vacation provides a day hike in a serene and wonderful environment outside the valley rim a day hike of 3-4 hours to famous touristic spot at Nagarkot with an elevation of 2,100 meters high to the top of Nagarkot where stands the view and observatory tower.

Starting with a short drive from Kathmandu leading North East on the good road passing interesting villages and towns of Timi and Bhaktapur and then heading for a climb with tremendous views of Bhaktapur city and Kathmandu valley green farm lands and spread out farm villages, after an hour climb on the narrow winding road reaching at famous view point of Nagarkot after completing 1-2 hrs of good drive, surrounding countryside of Nagarkot is great for walking.
Nagarkot is situated at 2,100 m.) and provides a grandstand panorama of the Himalaya. You can see five of the world’s tallest mountains – Everest (8,848m.), Lhotse (8,516m.), Cho Oyu (8,201m.), Makalu (8,463m.) and many other lesser snow peaks, the snow peaks look striking and fabulous with sunset and sunrise.
Nagarkot, surrounded by terraced hillsides and picturesque farm houses, the hilltop resort.

From Nagarkot start walking downhill passing through several rural farm lands with terraces and then reaching at nice area with temple of Shiva, a peaceful environment with short rest here, continue walk to Telkot a road side village and then leaving the main motorable road on the dirt track through pristine forest of rhododendron, pines and oaks tree lines with view of snow capped mountain towards north distance, after a nice pleasant walk reaching at a small medieval period Newari villages, the life here as it was for past many centuries in Changunaryan area, a short walk on steps passing many small souvenir shops and restaurant leading into an old temple complex of Changunaryan a unique ancient temple one of the oldest in Nepal with history that dates back during Lichiva period.

Changunaryan temple, perched on a hill placed in World Cultural Heritage Sites, a scenic spot situated at the altitude of about 1,700 meters, just above north of Bhaktapur. The temple is believed to be the oldest of all the temples of Nepal.
It is said to have built by King Hari Datta Verma in 323 A.D. And most authentic inscription locates in Changu Narayan dates back 464 AD it is endorsed to the King Lichavi King Mandeva.

After a wonderful time here with nice hike from hike-nagarkot-to-changunaryan-temple, drive back to Kathmandu the same day with optional tour of Bhaktapur.