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Vehicle hiring  Car car rental in kathamndu Nepal

In most part of the country mainly in cities and towns, one can rent or hire a vehicles ranging from all types four wheel drive Pajero, Land Rover, Land Ranger, Tata Sumo, Land Cruiser, cars, Buses and Coaches.

All vehicles in proper and in good conditions, in Kathmandu itself there are many show rooms, and rental service including motor cycles as well.

To rent or hire a car and other large vehicles can be done directly for period of time as per your duration on daily biases, and as well through rental services or by travel agency also.

Cost for hire depends upon the type of vehicles required and duration from brand new ones to second hand used ones.

Vehicle hiring – Car car rental outside city

Motorcycles, Bikes and Cars are available for renting in Kathmandu, Pokhara and many other cities and towns of Nepal. The best way to see the old parts of Kathmandu is by walking around but riding a bike or a motorbike is also another way to tour around the city without feeling the traffic hitches. Having a Driving License and Passport with you from your home country can help in renting any vehicles. There are no international car rental agencies in Nepal yet but different types of cars as well as vans are easily available for hiring in Kathmandu which usually comes with a driver so that you don’t have to face the traffic hustle and bustle. Online car rental is also available these days.