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Meet the Owner

Mr. Netra Bagale’s journey is an amalgamation of passion, dedication, and innovation. His love for travel and tourism started at an early age. His curiosity has driven him to learn more about the world as well as to travel and explore. Netra’s passion for meeting new people and interacting with them has broadened his horizon of knowledge. Through his continuous learning, he saw an opportunity to integrate travel and technology which further lay the foundation for his interest in Information Technology.

Netra’s passion, hard work, dedication, love for travel, and support of professional teams have made his dream into reality with the establishment of Everest VacationEverest Vacation is a prominent name in the travel industry. Netra’s strong building of a network of trustand the dedicated professional team’s hard work has led Everest Vacation’s expansion beyond Nepal. Asia Experiences, which operates in over seven countries in South Asia is the product of Everest Vacation Pvt. Ltd.

WildStone Solution, a reputed IT company is the brainchild of Netra’s desire to integrate technology with travel. His sheer commitment to integrating technology and travel in an advanced and better way has made him renowned in the industry. Netra continues to evolve through his continuous learning and new ideas by integrating technology for the growth of tourism in Nepal and beyond.

National Dress of Nepal

Mr. Netra in the National Dress of Nepal ‘Daura Suruwal’

Birthplace and Childhood

Netra Bagale was born in the serene Gorkha region in the vicinity of the majestic Mount Manaslu and the surrounding Himalayas. Netra was blessed to grow up amidst unparalleled beauty where he spent his entire childhood. The beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes have left a permanent mark on his soul. With every passing moment, this nature and surroundings taught him to appreciate the wonders of the world.

Family background and upbringing

Netra’s upbringing in a traditional Nepalese joint family instilled in him a deep admiration for his roots and traditions, which he still treasures to this day. Netra completed his schooling in Gorkha and moved to Kathmandu to pursue higher studies.

Now a devoted family man, Netra resides in Kathmandu with his wife and two sons. He loves to share his travel stories and experiences with them. From the Far East to the Far West, Netra has explored almost all popular destinations in Nepal. He ensures the well-being of his family through love, care, and fun-filled activities.

Mr. Netra, with his wife Suchana and two boys Nitish (Right) & Nirjal (Left), 2020

Mr. Netra, with his wife Suchana and two boys Nitish (Right) & Nirjal (Left), 2020


Mr. Netra Bagale has completed his academics with a Master’s degree in Business Studies (MBS) from Kathmandu and a coveted Master’s in e-Governance (MeGov). He has recognized the powerful impact of integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with tourism, which has revolutionized the industry in Nepal and beyond. Through his studies, Netra has honed his skills in innovation, leadership, sustainability, destination branding, and marketing, making him a valuable asset in his field.

37th Convocation of Tribhuvan University (MBS, 2012)

37th Convocation of Tribhuvan University (MBS, 2012)

Career and business ventures

Mr. Netra’s love for learning and research started at a young age. His travels to nearby places and rural Nepal fueled his passion for exploration. He developed a deep appreciation for nature and culture. He was mesmerized by the raw natural beauty of Nepal. This inspired him to establish Everest Vacation Pvt. Ltd, a company that has been operating trekking, tours, and adventures across Nepal for over a decade.

Mr. Netra got an opportunity to visit Bhutan and Tibet which were the least popular tourist destinations at the time. He completely fell in love with their unique cultural and natural richness. He saw the potential for tourism in these nations and worked hard to plan and organize an integrated Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan tour. It became the first tour package under his newly established company, Asia Experiences. It marks the beginning of a new adventure for South Asian tours.

The best part of Netra’s business venture is his research and involvement. He conducts research and visits the destinations before designing and implementing tours for both Everest Vacation and Asia Experiences. This ensures that all tours are carefully planned and executed with utmost care.


Top: At Paro Airport, Bhutan (July, 2012) | Bottom: At Tiger’s Nest Monastery (June, 2024)

Countries and places visited


Mr. Netra’s journey in travel and tourism begins with his visit to rural places in Nepal. A visit with his friends to rural Nepal is a turning point for him. The natural picturesque beauty, diverse culture, tradition, cuisine, flora, fauna, and landscapes of Nepal mesmerize him.

He has visited several places including Pathibhara (Far East), Everest Base Camp, Upper Mustang, and Rara Lake in Mugu (Far West). These visits have helped him lay his foundation in this travel business and he established his first travel company Everest Vacation Pvt. Ltd.


Netra and travelers at Kalapathar (Everest Base Camp) with great view of Mt. Everest.

Tibet & Bhutan

In the year 2012, Mr. Netra visited Bhutan and Tibet. Bhutan, a mystical kingdom with its peaceful atmosphere, spiritual aura, and warm hospitality, is a destination that is hard to forget. Its abundance of natural and cultural landmarks is breathtaking and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Similarly, Tibet has also captured the heart of Mr. Netra with its stunning monasteries, impressive architecture, vibrant culture, and lively festivals.

These two destinations have gained well-deserved recognition in recent times, much to Mr. Netra’s delight.


Mr. Netra with Potala Palace in his backdrop, Lhasa, Tibet. (Winter, 2012)


India needs no introduction as a travel destination. While embarking on a journey of discovery across several countries, in India, Netra comes up with the idea of integrating a few lesser-known destinations to create a unique multi-country tour under Asia Experiences. Netra’s extensive travels to India between 1998-2020 have helped him to gain a deep understanding of the country’s diverse culture, from the famous Golden Triangle to the hill stations of the east and cities of the South. Enjoy an immersive cultural experience and savor the diverse cuisine for an unforgettable journey.

One of the ‘Seven wonders of the modern World’ Tajmahal, Agra, India. (Early Winter, 2013)

One of the ‘Seven wonders of the modern World’ Tajmahal, Agra, India. (Early Winter, 2013)

Myanmar (Burma)

Mr. Netra visited Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand in the year 2014. Myanmar is a magical land with pure culture, spiritual delights, and adventure which appeals to Netra the most.

His visit to popular destinations such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, and Pindiya gave him new insights and sparked his interest in including Myanmar as a new Southeast Asia destination in Asia Experiences. The visitors can also experience the beauty and magic of the adjacent destinations Singapore and Thailand. If you wish we can plan a trip for you to these destinations.

Mr. Netra with the mystic Myanmar’s neck ring women. (Bagan, 2014)

Mr. Netra with the mystic Myanmar’s neck ring women. (Bagan, 2014)


Mr. Netra was in full amazement when he visited Bangladesh in the year 2019. Abundant tourists were visiting Bangladesh. His Dhaka tours along with some other beautiful landmarks such as Sonargaon, Paharpur, Bogra, Cox’s Bazar, and Chittagong was very remarkable.

Netra was drawn to the cultural and natural charm of these destinations. Thus, he included Bangladesh under Asia Experiences to showcase its true beauty that extends far beyond what the internet can offer.

At the Archaeological site of ‘Somapura Mahavihara’ (UNESCO World Heritage), Paharpur, Bangladesh (April, 2019)

At the Archaeological site of ‘Somapura Mahavihara’ (UNESCO World Heritage), Paharpur, Bangladesh (April, 2019)

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, with its world heritage sites, pristine beaches, unique ecosystem, and warm hospitality of the locals, has captivated Mr. Netra’s interest.

It is one of the best travel destinations in South Asia. Popular landmarks like Sigiriya, Habarana, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Ella, and Colombo offer visitors the chance to experience cultural, natural, and historical wonders that make Sri Lanka an exotic getaway.

With Asia Experience, visitors can explore these countries in-depth and discover the true essence of these beautiful destinations.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress (Sri Lanka, 2023)

Sigiriya Rock Fortress (Sri Lanka, 2023)

Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Mr. Netra was in full amusement with the grandeur of history, culture, and nature during his recent visits to 3 phenomenal Southeast Asia destinations Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. All these 3 destinations have distinctive allure yet each nation’s profound history, rich culture, and natural phenomena mesmerized Netra to the fullest.

Vietnam is abundant with iconic landmarks including an array of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Naturally enchanting Ha Long Bay, vibrant Hoi An Market, historic Mỹ Sơn Complex, the Citadel of Huế, including Imperial City, and amazing tunnels of Củ Chi offer a unique glimpse of Vietnam to everyone.

Cambodia is a rich cultural nation with abundant historical treasures that are listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Unravel the beauty of Cambodia through sightseeing the magnificent Angkor Archaeological Park which includes majestic Angkor Wat with sunrise, the intriguing Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom, the breathtaking Ta Prohm ruins, and many more, and the floating village on Tonle Sap Lake treats visitors with a preview of ancient culture and history of Cambodia.

Laos is a phenomenal destination with breathtaking sceneries, rich historical and cultural heritages, lively markets, delicious local foods, and a unique authentic experience. Laos is treasured with a UNESCO World Heritage city Luang Prabang and the beautiful capital city of Vientiane. Explore the stunning Kuang Si Fall, an architecturally impressive Wat Xiengthong, the serene site of Pak Ou Caves, etc.


Top: At Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | Bottom: Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia (June, 2024)

Social Works

Mr. Netra’s commitment to social work and philanthropy is a reflection of his deep-rooted values and desire to make a positive impact on society. He is a member of Kiwanis International, and has also served as the President for the year 2021/22 from his club KC of Swoyambhu Nepal. He is also the Web Administrator Chair of Kiwanis Nepal District and Webmaster of Kiwanis ASPAC. Besides this, he is a lifetime member of ‘HEADS Nepal‘.

Netra’s love for his birthplace, Gorkha, is evident through his active involvement as a Board Member of ‘Gorkha Tourism’, where he contributes to various environmental and social initiatives. His dedication to community service has earned him the respect and admiration of everyone which is no less than an award.

Notable Achievements

Netra’s zeal for continuous learning is reflected in his participation in various training programs related to the hospitality and tourism industry. It includes notable achievements such as Innovation and Leadership in Hospitality and Tourism (PATA), Sustainability for Tour Operators by CBI Netherlands, and Destination Branding and Marketing (PATA). This training has further advanced him to grow, self-improve, and enhance skills that have established him as a key player in the industry making him a respected figure in the industry.

Mr. Netra at the Mid Year Convention of Kiwanis International Nepal, 2019

Mr. Netra at the Mid Year Convention of Kiwanis International Nepal, 2019

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Mr. Netra has a keen interest in traveling and researching. He enjoys exploring different cultures, cuisines, and sceneries. His travels have taken him to various corners of the world. Netra’s passion for researching goes hand in hand with his love for traveling, as he strives to uncover the stories behind the places he visits. He is always on the search for new knowledge and insights, which he can use to enhance his personal and professional growth. His interest and hobbies have played a vital role in achieving new heights in his career and business. He is planning to incorporate enchanting South East Asian destinations like Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia into Asia Experiences.

Mr. Netra’s few words:

“To Travel is to be one with the destinations, to learn, to grow, and to evolve with every bit and the piece offered. My dream is to invite the world on a journey to discover Asia in its full glory, unraveled and authentic!”

He is active in almost all major social media platforms and one can keep in touch for every kind of discussion and partnership.

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Dinner Program with Netra’s family and fellow Mexican Travelers completing the Nepal Bhutan Myanmar tour (April , 2019)

Dinner Program with Netra’s family and fellow Mexican Travelers completing the Nepal Bhutan Myanmar tour (April , 2019)