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Kathmandu Tour

Kathmandu requires no introduction and is popular for culture and adventure travelers around the world. Below the belt of the Himalayas, the Nepalese capital offers experiences like none other in Asia. With a reputation of being the ‘City of Temples’ to display, Kathmandu Tour showers you with delights. Travelers can still make connections with the locals which is the best thing during the Kathmandu/Nepal tours.

A complete Kathmandu tour here takes travelers to the major historic cities and settlements showing them the cauldron of different cultures and art. The ancient tradition, unique architecture, fine art and sculptures, local hospitality, and boundless adventure await you in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Day Tour with Professional Guide; Optional: Day Hike, Mountain/Helicopter Trip; Extension Tour: Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini.


About Kathmandu Valley

Day trip from Kathmandu

Day trips from Kathmandu highlight the specific regions of this majestic valley. These usually focus on one or more primary destinations often involving the UNESCO world heritage sites. The other-worldly vibe here will grasp you the moment you set foot here. Trips around will showcase to you the blend of the rustic city with welcoming modernization at its steps. The transport around is smooth leading you from bustling streets to fantastic sites in your Day trips from Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Sightseeing

Kathmandu Sightseeing takes you to the major destinations in Kathmandu. These are some of the most interesting historical, cultural, and scenic places all around Kathmandu Valley. It might not be big on are but Kathmandu is home to some amazing temples, monasteries, viewpoints, and destinations. Here are some major attractions of the Kathmandu Sightseeing tour to include in your itinerary.

  • Boudhanath Stupa
  • Durbar Square
  •  Swoyambhunath
  • Thamel
  • Freak Street
  • Visit Narayanhiti Palace
  • Kirtipur
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Kumari House
  • Bhaktapur
  • Asan Tole
  • Pashupatinath
  • Garden Of Dreams
  • Kopan Monastery
  • Visit Indra Chowk
  • Patan
  • Chandragiri hills
  • Budhanilkantha Temple
  • Dakshinkali Temple

Kathmandu City Tour

This tour is one of the most-rated activities in Kathmandu. The Kathmandu City tour is an ideal thing to do before other long trips, treks, or excursions to the Himalayas. Most travelers land at the international airport for their Nepal Vacation. The Kathmandu City tour helps you to know more about the lifestyle and way of things in this country. Amid the hustle lies some amazing sites and destinations packed with sublime attractions here.

Travelers can expect to see different shades of culture and heritage in the Kathmandu City tour. The historic palaces, temple squares, Newari cuisine, and local hospitality will complete your tour. Additionally, you can arrange different nearby hikes and excursions to add to your Kathmandu City Tour. At the end of the day, you’ll witness a much deeper side of the city and surroundings making memories on the way.

Kathmandu Day Tour

Kathmandu Day tour is one of the most selected tours in Nepal. It is the simplest way of grasping the best of the valley. All the cultural and natural components here make it a top-notch travel destination for any kind of tour. The best part of the Kathmandu Day tour is that you can formulate so many different itineraries in the same city. There are five Unesco World Heritage sites here among thousands of other small and big temples and monuments. Similarly, tours to the traditional villages are something special and unique. Add these to the magnificent hill stations around the valley, and you can plan out a complete Kathmandu Day tour.

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Kathmandu Day trips

Kathmandu Day trips are whole days of fun activities and exploration of Kathmandu valley. You can choose from different types of day trips here that will fit you best. Also, most of these trips are very customizable hence you can add or remove a few of your preferred places and activities as well. These day trips are even doable in less time or after any other long tours in Nepal. These day trips display the culture, art, traditional lifestyle, and natural bliss of the Kathmandu Valley.

Full-Day Guided Sightseeing Tour

Sightseeing tours with local guides provide you with a complete experience of any place. These include the history, art, stories, and legends related to the included site. Most tours here start shortly after breakfast and focus on multiple destinations in Kathmandu.

Nagarjun/Jamacho Day Hike

Jamacho hike is a lesser-known hiking trail towards the western end of the Shivapuri region. The Jamacho Peak (2095 m) and Jamacho Monastery are the main destinations for the Hike. The natural and scenic treats provided by this day hike are exemplary.

Pharping, Dakshinkali, and Chobar Tour with Lunch

This tour is a drive and exploration towards the iconic settlements in the southern tip of Kathmandu valley. There are multiple attractions here to visit. Manjushree Park, Pharping Village, and Dakshinkali Temple are the main highlights of this tour.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is a fantastic Heli Tour over Everest. Landing in the KThe alapattharRi, travelers can enjoy one of the best views of Everest among others.

Panauti and Bhaktapur Day Trip

It is one of the best cultural Day trips from Kathmandu Valley. Bhaktapur and Panauti are two well-preserved traditional cities here. Try Newari culture, food, art, and traditional dress during this day trip.

Nagarkot Sunrise and Dhulikhel Day Hike

This trip has one of the best sunrises from the Nagarkot hilltop added to the scenic village trail to Dhulikhel. Both Nagarkot and Dhulikhel boast plenty of other side destinations for travelers to explore.

Patan and Bhaktapur Day Tour

Patan and Bhaktapur Day tour constitutes two major cities after Kathmandu. Making the Kathmandu Valley, these cities are packed with amazing places for travelers to visit.

Full-Day Yoga, Body Massage, and Pedicure Package

This soothing package gives you a luxury vacation in Kathmandu. Yoga, massage, and pedicure is a complete mind and body relaxation in Kathmandu alongside other components of Kathmandu city.

Places to Visit in Kathmandu for Couples

Kathmandu is an exotic city with so much to explore and experience alongside your loved ones. A luxury tour encapsulating the passionate messages will be some honeymoon in Asia. Even in a comparatively touristy destination, you can have a private space just for you. Here are some of the places for couples to visit in Kathmandu.

  1. Boudhanath Stupa: – A rooftop cafe with Tibetan foods and a fantastic view of the stupa in the background.
  2. Swyambhunath Temple: – A morning hike for the couples leading towards a spiritual time at the temple. Then enjoy a beautiful sunrise from the top over the valley.
  3. Garden OF Dreams: – This beautiful garden near Thamel is the perfect place to hang out with your lover enjoying the flowers, fountains, and more.
  4. Thamel: – Great to stroll around and do some souvenir shopping. Also, the couple’s spa and massage are amazing here.
  5. Chandragiri Hills: – A lovely hill station with a fantastic view of the valley and Himalayas. It is a popular local destination with options to hike, drive, or take a cable car ride.
  6. Pashupatinath Temple: – Another spiritual destination with plenty of exploration options.
  7. Durbar Squares:- The three durbar squares are the highlights of the Kathmandu Valley. Hear the stories and click some amazing pictures here.
  8. Godawari Botanical Garden
  9. Nagarkot Village

Tourist Places in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is an underrated gem in Asia. Many fantastic tourist places offer different delights to visitors. From the chaotic lively streets to colorful markets, and ancient temples tourists can enjoy the different faces of this city. Different cultural components and activities here attract many travelers today. Some other fantastic places come to life on special occasions and festivals here in Kathmandu.

  1. The Durbar Square area
  2. Thamel Market
  3. The Freak Street
  4. Bhaktapur- The city’s authentic Newari Culture
  5. Patan- The city of arts
  6. Different museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites
  7. Small Chowks full of local food stalls
  8. Handicrafts and traditional souvenir areas.
  9. Viewpoints reachable with some hike around Kathmandu
  10. Nagarkot
  11. Chandragiri
  12. Champadevi
  13. Swoyambhunath

Kathmandu, Nepal: Points of Interest

Travelers have different things in their minds for their vacations. Kathmandu can meet your expectations and exceed them as well. Kathmandu unlike other cities in Asia holds charisma and attractions quintessential for Travel. The cultural components of the city attract many visitors but apart from that, there are many points of interest here. Some of the main points of interest for your first tour of Kathmandu are: –

Cultural tour

A cultural tour of Kathmandu is one of the most rewarding activities in Asia. Boasting several amazing monuments and heritage sites, one can easily spend their weekend admiring the culture and tradition of this city.

Shopping tour

Kathmandu is a paradise for shopping lovers around the world. In concentrated markets like Ason and Thamel, one can buy everything. From the designer clothes to the local handicrafts from the Himalayas, the markets here have them all. You just need to step out of your hotel and something amazing is waiting for your cart. Souvenir shopping, in general, is even more exciting in Kathmandu.

Newari lifestyle tour

As Newars are the ethnic people of the Kathmandu Valley, this tour is fantastic for travelers. Newari lifestyle is among the best-preserved ones in the whole of Asia. The Newari lifestyle tour allows you to learn more about the art, culture, attire, tradition, commerce, and techniques used by the Newars for hundreds of years.

Village tour

Village tours from Kathmandu will take you to the major villages and settlements around the city. Starting from the suburbs you can witness a calmer and pristine face of Kathmandu closer to Nature. Often from a short but exciting drive, you can have a fantastic time from a village tour in Kathmandu. Villages like Panauti, Bungamati, Chitlang, and Khokana often give you a whole different feel and experience that destinations lack out there.

Adventure tour

Adventure and Kathmandu are two terms that are just made for each other. One can choose some amazing activities straight from your bucket list. These include Bungee Jump, Mountain Flights, Zip Lining, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Downhill Cycling, Rock Climbing, Trail Running, and so much more.

Helicopter tour / Mountain tour by plane

A perfect substitute for trekking in the Himalayas. Heli tour or Mountain flights here take you to places where you might have to put more effort to reach. Often done in the morning, Helicopter tours and Mountain flights are best for your family.

Day hiking tour

Day hiking tours in Kathmandu tend to aim at one of the many destinations surrounding the valley. The views and natural sceneries are something that attracts hundreds of hikers each day here. The trails are most comfortable and best for warm-up walks before longer treks in the Himalayas. Hiking for sunrise views is also popular among visitors now.

Buddhist tour

Buddhist tour is a spiritual tour in Kathmandu that takes you to the major Buddhist shrines and monasteries around Kathmandu Valley. Boudhanath Stupa and Swyambhunath Temple are two major shrines listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Yoga & meditation

Yoga and meditation centers here provide a perfect day in Kathmandu. There are many destination yoga tours where you can travel to a nearby site for yoga and meditation. It is one thing many travelers have to experience on their return trip to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Information

Kathmandu Travel

Kathmandu is one of the few places you’ll enjoy wandering around without any plan. Without making any compromises a travel guide can be very helpful at times. Traveling around Kathmandu is enjoyable and adventurous. From a general stroll to biking and traveling in a vehicle, everything is packed with new experiences. Try some local cuisine and talk with some locals too while you’re here. Accommodation can be a homestay or a five-star hotel here. For the must-see sights, there are plenty of those too.

Traveling to Kathmandu doesn’t require a guide but one with local expertise will make sure you’ll miss nothing here. Local guides tend to know special things and tips about any place and you won’t regret a knowledgeable guide for doing a Kathmandu Tour.

Kathmandu Holiday

A holiday in Kathmandu can be a bit different than what you’d have in your mind. First thing first, eradicate the extremes. Different articles tend to over-emphasize the bad or even good parts of the city. The post-earthquake (2015) Kathmandu is a friendlier, traditionally intact, and culturally lush place to visit on your holiday. Although different travelers have their own experiences to share in the city, most exceed their expectations by the end. A bit lively and even crowded at some points, there are plenty of options for you to visit the lesser touristy delights.

One can complete a spiritual, natural, scenic, adventurous, or cultural side of Kathmandu in their holidays. There are enough places to quench your travel thirst alongside similar luxury destinations for your vacation here. Even for female and elderly travelers, Kathmandu might be the safest and most hospitable place on earth to spend your holiday.

Kathmandu Trip

To reach Kathmandu is very easy and one can do it both by land and air. Unlike the popular misconceptions, you can easily enter Nepal and be in Kathmandu from different places all around the world. As a landlocked country reaching here by waterways. However, between two of the most prominent Asian countries China and India, Nepal and Kathmandu are only a few journeys away from your home now.

By Plane  / Air

Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) is the only international Airport in Nepal right now. However, more projects of two other international airports (Bhairahawa and Pokhara International Airport) are set to be completed and come under operation by the end of 2022. For now, any international flights will land you straight to TIA. It is located about 5.5 km from the city of Thamel. A short drive will take you to the heart of the city here.

Direct flights from the Americas, Europe, and Africa are not available to this airport. However, you can easily get a connecting flight /transit from different major cities in Asia. For most destinations around you can reach Kathmandu, you can do it with a single flight change without changing the airlines.

International airlines serving Kathmandu include:

By Bus / Land

As Nepal is surrounded by India and China on all sides, it is possible to reach Kathmandu by land. Entering the border from India there are multiple entry points here. The most popular ones are from Sunauli(Gorakhpur), Nepalgunj, Raxaul, Kakar Bhitta, Mahendranagar, etc. Similarly, there are a couple of roads connecting Tibet to Nepal. Going straight beside the Himalayas you can enter Nepal from RasuwaGadhi and Tatopani.

Road conditions and bus availability from the Border to Kathmandu are unstable and even delayed during bad weather. You can however spend some adventurous and scenic time during the bus trip to Kathmandu. As Kathmandu is connected both by bus and domestic flights by almost all the major cities of Nepal, finding a bus to the capital would not be a problem for you.

Kathmandu Trekking

Apart from sightseeing and cultural tours, Kathmandu is a wonderful destination for different trekking and hiking activities. These trails mostly start just from the outskirts of the valleys. Usually traveled by both domestic and international tourists, these trails lead to amazing destinations near Kathmandu. You can select anywhere from a day hike to a week-long trek in Kathmandu Valley. Ranging from easy to moderately difficult, these treks are great for keeping you fit and sharp. Kathmandu Trekking is an underrated activity that often goes unnoticed by travelers, especially in Kathmandu. However, there are some amazing trails to choose from here. They are: –

Kathmandu is a city for travelers. The setting is ideal for any kind of person to be here and enjoy the delightful components of this city.

Travel Agency in Kathmandu

As tourism is a growing industry in Nepal one can always find multiple travel agencies to do the same tour. Here are a few tips from us in selecting the right travel agency: –

We suggest you choose Everest vacation for your different tours and holidays in Kathmandu. Here are the main reasons to do so: –

Things to Know Before Landing in Kathmandu

Here are some things you might note before landing in Kathmandu: –

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