Challenging Trekking (13 Days & Above)

Everest Vacation proposes challenging trekking in the vicinity of the beautiful Everest and Annapurna regions. The trek duration is normally 13 days and above, thus it is categorized as challenging. The long trek durations, long hours of daily walking, high elevations, basic accommodation, challenging weather, and rough trails are some dynamic features of this challenging trekking. It is ideal for trekkers having previous trekking experience at high elevations with top physical fitness as this trek demands traversing high passes. The maximum elevation gain during these treks is above 5,000m.

Challenging trekking delights travelers with attractive views, snow-covered mountains above 8,000 m including Everest, uneven trails, diverse wildlife, and vegetation, changing landscapes at different altitudes, lush green forest, waterfalls, suspension bridges, glaciers, teahouses, century-old monasteries, local people and their culture, and remote villages. Traversing high passes at high altitudes is the major attraction of this trek which is full of adventure. With proper planning and preparation, challenging trekking is achievable. Join us and create remarkable memories for a lifetime.