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Bhutan Helicopter Tour

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Major Attractions Discover Paro Taktsang Tour, Mt. Jomolhari Helicopter Tour, Magnificent Round Himalayan Tour, Dagala Couple Tour, Snowman helicopter tour, Hidden Lake Tour, Merak- Sakteng Tour
Helicopter tour in bhutan

Bhutan Helicopter Tour is the perfect way to enjoy the true beauty and experience the diverse geography of this wonderful mountainous nation. Helicopter tours here started over half a decade ago on the auspicious occasion of the 60th birthday of the fourth king of Bhutan, His Highness Jigme Singye Wangchuck. In this short time, there have been about a dozen or more fantastic trips all over the country worthy of your time each with different majestic qualities.

Why choose Helicopter tour over regular tours in Bhutan

  • For discovering some fantastic destinations in Bhutan that were only reachable through long and hard trekking easily.
  • To save time and effort of the lengthy journey on-road or bus with this alternative.
  • From the helicopter tour you can admire the natural beauty of this nation better in a new way.
  • A helicopter tour is an ideal way of capping your Bhutan holiday. It introduces a different chapter to your journey of this magical land
  • Almost 40% of Bhutan is still not connected with proper roadways so, a Helicopter tour might be your only option to witness the hidden delights here.
  • One of the main attractions of any helicopter tour here is the adventure and thrill of glancing at the Himalayas from the air.
  • If you have never done a helicopter/flight tour, Helicopter tours of Bhutan are a great way of experiencing all first-hand.
  • In some manner Helicopter tours are comparatively affordable to reach and explore the sites here in comparison to conventional tours.

Different Helicopter Tours Available for Travelers in Bhutan

Bhutan has some of the most amazing and underrated tours for travelers. There are many more to be added and selections will be from large as we head further down this decade. Right from the Paro International airport, there are few absolute must-do tours that you can enjoy on a vacation. Apart from these, a few recent additions are here specializing in the natural and cultural beauty of Bhutan too. At the end of the day, you will be amazed at how much this small nation has within itself, and once might not just be enough. Having said that, here are our top picks that never fail to impress you during the Bhutan Helicopter tour that you can choose from.

Discover Paro Taktsang Tour (30 minutes)

Discover Paro Tour is one of the short helicopter tours highlighting the first glance overview of Bhutan with Paro valley at its center. Most tours in Bhutan start from landing in Paro but the city is less explored in comparison to other places. By land, it might take few days and that might affect your itinerary. However, Paro is beautiful enough and you are set to miss a lot while you are in Bhutan if Paro is not included. This Discover Paro Taktsang tour is perfect for anyone with a couple of hours to spare at the start or end of their Bhutan Holiday.

Main Attractions

  • Easy take-off with minimal time loss from the Paro International Airport.
  • Close view of the traditional houses, rice fields, and farmlands of Bhutan.
  • Pa Chhu river, hills, and Landscape views of Paro Valley.
  • Paro Taktsang Monastery, the iconic landmark of Bhutan alongside other beautiful heritage sites like Ta Dzong, Rinpung Dzong, Kyichu Lhakhang, and Drugyel Dzong
  • Clear views of Mount Jomolhari and the sub ranges from the sky.
  • Short and effective tour to introduce Bhutan to travelers.

Mt. Jomolhari Helicopter Tour (an hour worth of snow-covered delight)

Mt. Jomolhari helicopter tour is one of the best helicopter tours in the Himalayas taking travelers close to the Jomolhari Peak (7320 m). The tour starts from the beautiful Paro valley showcasing the natural and cultural attractions here first. Heading higher to the snow-covered peaks, the natural components take over the tour with some magnificent views and sceneries. A short stop at the Jangothang Base camp here will be memorable for anyone here. Choose the perfect alternative of 11 days Jomolhari trek as the amazing Mt.Jomolhari Helicopter Tour.

Main Attractions

  • Flight close to the majestic mount Jomolhari (7320 m), the second-highest mountain yet to be climbed in the world.
  • A brief pitstop at the base camp of Jomolhari and the opportunity to take some pictures from close.
  • Trail experience and reaching the primary destination of the popular Jomolhari trek in an hour and back.
  • Other interesting cultural and natural attractions of Paro valley including the Taktsang Monastery (Tigers Nest).
  • Wonderful mountain experience in the Eastern Himalayas. Also some wonderful other peaks visible in clear weather from this Helicopter tour.
  • An hour’s worth of high-elevation Natural exploration in Bhutan with a proper adventure ride.

Magnificent Round Himalayan Tour (2 hours of Helicopter ride near the major Mountains)

Now for someone who wants to have a complete mountain experience in the Northern end of Bhutan, our two-hour round Himalayan tour fulfills your desire. Add everything starting from Paro to Mount Jumolhari for the first half of the tour. Extending further you can have a closer look at Jichu Drakey Mountain. It is often said to be the most picturesque mountain of Bhutan with a double summit. The return flight is even more interesting here, after the full mountain experience as you fly over the historic Lingzhi Yugyal Dzong.

Main Attractions

  • Complete Himalayan Experience from Paro, and one of the best to choose for beginners.
  • Mount Jomolhari and Mount Jichu Drakey among several other fantastic snow-covered peaks throughout the tour.
  • Flying over the beautiful Lingzhi Yugyal Dzong located at an elevation of 4150 meters. This fortress celebrates the victory of Bhutanese troops over Tibet in 1667.
  • Ideal for anyone willing to know more about the landscapes and geography of Bhutan from a flight.
  • Natural sceneries among the most beautiful that Bhutan has to offer with several bonus wonders.
  • Taktsang Monastery, Rinpung, and Ta Dzong as well as Kyichu Lakhang as the cultural standouts in the Round Himalayan Tour.

Dagala Couple Tour (30 minutes highlighting Thimphu, mountains, and more)

Dagala is hands down among one of the most naturally-gifted places on Earth. Over thousands of pristine crystal clear mountain lakes decorate the land hidden in mountains. A popular trekking destination to the South of Paro Valley, this piece of Shangri La is now accessible through a helicopter. Dagala Couple Helicopter Tour is a lovely and romantic tour for couples to explore the wonderful lakes of Dagala within a short flight. The mind-blowing sceneries, lakes, and mountain views together with some bits of Thimphu make Dagala Couple Tour one of the best value Helicopter tours that Bhutan has offered.

Main Attractions

  • Over a thousand small and big crystal clear lakes in the main destination of this tour.
  • On the way to Dagala, close view of several small villages of Bhutan here. It gives the perspective of the rural lifestyle in the Bhutanese highlands.
  • Stunning Mountains including Mt. Jumolhari, Mt. Jichu Drake, Mt. Tsherimgang, Mt. Masagang, and Tiger Mountain, with even Mount Kanchenjunga on clear weather.
  • Buddha Dordenma at Kuensel Phodrang and Talakha Gompa adds some cultural touches to the tour.
  • A panoramic view of Thimpu city and beyond from the Dagala Couple helicopter Tour.
  • One of the best natural experiences in Bhutan within 30 minutes available through this Helicopter Tour.

Snowman Trek helicopter tour (3 hours covering about 30 days’ worth of trekking trail in Bhutan)

Snowman trek is amongst the longest and most challenging treks in Bhutan. It takes anywhere from 25-30 days for a normal person to complete the tour. Our SnowMan Trek Helicopter tour makes it possible within 3 hours to cover every major component of the trek and more. This Helicopter Tour takes you deep into the Himalayas and showcases some of the magical components of the wilderness here. For photographers, this helicopter tour is a must-do with some fantastic sceneries, mountains, and natural landmarks guaranteed at each moment here.

Main Attractions

  • A well-formulated helicopter tour covering the major components of the popular SnowMan trek in Bhutan.
  • Within 3 hours you will go over the trail, challenges, settlements, and other adventures offered by the SnowMan trekking trail.
  • Ideal for trekkers who have decided to do the trek. The SnowMan Trek helicopter tour will allow you to get familiar with the geography, altitude, and trail conditions you will cover in about a month.
  • Sublime views of Mt. Jumolhari, Mt. Jichu Drake, Mt. Tsherimgang, Mt. Masagang, and Tiger Mountain from close.
  • Laya, Lingzhi, and Lunana villages showcasing the culture and lifestyle of locals in rural Bhutan.
  • Punakha Dzong, Gasa Tongmon Dzong, Lingzhi Yugyal Dzong, and Bumthang Valley among the other main attractions of the SnowMan trek helicopter Tour.

Hidden Lake Tour (35-minute tour to the Bumthang Valley and Hidden Lake of Gomthang)

The Hidden Lake tour is among the newest addition to the list of nature-based Helicopter tours in Bhutan. Starting from Bhumthang Airport this flight first displays the wonderful Bumthang valley before heading north towards Dhur Tsachu. Known for the hot springs and landscape views, from Dhur Tsachu the helicopter lands at the elusive hidden lake in the middle of nowhere here.

Main Attractions

  • A flight to the lovely hidden glacier lake near Bumthang with spiritual local beliefs.
  • Magnificent views of the mountains and landscape including Gangkhar Puensum (7570 m), the highest peak of Bhutan.
  • Bumthang and Chamkhar valley Heli exploration with a birds-eye view of the major components here.
  • A refreshing tour in one of the underrated destinations in Bhutan.
  • Opportunity to see and experience a different side of Bhutan before and after the tour in Bumthang.

Traditional Textile Heli Tour (50 minutes of culture and art-rich tour)

Traditional Textile Heli tour is one of the best culture-based helicopter tours from Bumthang Airport in Bhutan. The art of weaving is closer to the Bhutanese locals than you can imagine. At any instant, after entering this country you can witness different unique articles of clothing and textile made in local factories here. This tour takes you over some wonderful destinations and monuments to the traditional Khoma Village. Known for its intricately patterned silk textile (hence the name) this village will give you a closer look at Bhutanese art, culture, and lifestyle.

Main Attractions

  • Scenic flight from Bumthang to Lhuntse region over the beautiful Lhuntse Rinchentse Dzong near Kuri Chhu.
  • Wonderful view of natural wonders and landscape from start to finish of the tour.
  • In Takila one can view the World’s Tallest Guru Nangsey Ziloen statue (157 feet).
  • One can buy ‘Gho’ and ‘Kira’ for themselves which is the traditional dress of Bhutan.
  • Interaction with the locals and understanding the Textile industry in Khoma Village.

Merak- Sakteng Tour (about 2 hours ride to the easternmost tip of Bhutan)

Merak- Sakteng Tour takes you to the easternmost ends of Bhutan through this two hours long round flight. Travelers here can glance at some of the untouched vegetation, geography, and nature in this tour. Similarly, the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary also offers amazing interaction opportunities with wildlife and birds of East Bhutan. Merak and Sakteng villages here will be unique as the highlands lie close to the Indian border here.

Main Attractions

  • Fantastic views of the landscape and beyond on the Trashigang Dzongkhag of Eastern Bhutan.
  • Exotic flight over numerous beautiful valleys and riverbeds to reach Merak and Sakteng.
  • Wildlife and natural experience in the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Village and lifestyle tours of the Sakteng and Merak villages here.

Royal Manas Wildlife Tour (1.5 hours of the tour to five beautiful national parks in Bhutan)

If you are looking for a complete natural tour in Bhutan covering all the major national parks and sanctuaries in Bhutan, Royal Manas Wildlife Tour is just for you. This tour is often considered the king of natural tours in Bhutan. Within a 90 minute flight, you can have an overall Bhutan tour centering on the Royal Manas wildlife park.

Main Attractions

  • Royal Manas wildlife park tour connected by Jigme Singye Wangchuck NP (Northwest), Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary (Southwest), and Phrumsengla NP (North), and Jomotshangkha Wildlife Sanctuary (southeast) through wildlife corridors.
  • Opportunities to encounter and witness different varieties of flora and fauna from this brief helicopter tour.

Combining normal tours with helicopter tours in Bhutan

One of the most common ways that people do these helicopter tours is by combining them with several other tours in Bhutan. Similarly, these can also be added separately in the Bhutan segment of any multi-country tour in Asia. Here are our top recommendations if you like to combine these amazing Bhutan Helicopter tours with your vacation in Asia.

  1. Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour
  2. Bhutan Short Tour
  3. Luxury Nepal Tibet Bhutan trip
  4. Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour
  5. Bhutan Nepal Combined Multi Day Tour

Why Choose Everest Vacation for Helicopter Tour in Bhutan

Everest Vacation is one of your options for selecting to do any helicopter tour in Bhutan. What makes us different is our tenacity to seek top-quality and safe tours for any travelers associated with us. Apart from the obvious here are few reasons why you should consider us for your next Bhutan Helicopter tour:-

  • We operate our tours throughout Asia. It gives you the freedom to add other destinations to the Bhutan Helicopter Tour.
  • Booking and Payment are easy with us and we are flexible to provide services on your time.
  • Personal guides will be provided to you for any kinds of tours specializing in the category of your vacation.
  • We provide the best value for your money with a high level of transparency and no hidden charges.
  • You can ask or meet our exerts even before selecting the tour for a more complete experience.
  • We provide complete travel services helping you with ticketing, travel, permits, travel visas, and more.
  • Our traveler help services will help you with any problems and inquiries 24*7.

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