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Bhutan is best known as the Kingdom of Happiness. Bhutan Tour with Bumthang Valley 11 days offers you breathtaking scenery, beautiful landscapes, natural resources, stunning mountain peaks, cultural heritage, and a rich belief in Buddhism. A perfect gateway to relaxation and a holiday destination and lose oneself in tranquility and spirituality from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

The most traveled destinations such as Thimphu, Wangdue, Punakha, Bumthang, and Paro are the complete package of artistically beautiful and iconic landmarks. Tourists are very satisfied and pleased after exploring these landmarks.

Buddhism and Bhutanese culture are interrelated. Buddhism is a way of living life and their practices can be seen in their warm behavior. The nation is not only rich in its arts, tradition, and culture but also its free services of health and education to the natives. Come and let’s join to discover in-depth this dreamlike spiritual Bhutan in this 11-day tour to rejuvenate and make unforgettable memories.

Day by Day Activities

A warm welcome by the Bhutanese guide upon reaching the Paro International Airport. A short stop at a restaurant/cafe for lunch/coffee. After that, enjoy a scenic drive to Thimphu. Rest for a while at a hotel. Then, the guide takes you to visit Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory. The Daphne tree and the Dekap tree’s barks are used to produce a traditional handmade paper called “Deh-so”. Experience the process of traditional handmade paper making. One can also purchase handmade items as a souvenir at the factory’s small shop. A side tour to the busiest Centenary Farmer’s Market. This domestic market is happening on the weekend. A great place to learn about the Bhutanese ingredients and interact with locals if one wishes to. One can also purchase organic items. Later on, visit the nearby Voluntary Artist Studio popular as VAST. The art galleries abundant with modern and contemporary artworks are a perfect place for art lovers. Travelers can purchase artwork and money goes to charity. Enjoy the nightlife and try delicious Bhutanese cuisine. Spend a night at a hotel.

Have breakfast and let’s get ready to explore this beautiful capital Thimphu. A visit to Kuensel Phodrang to view the largest statue of the Great Buddha in Bhutan. Enjoy the good view of the Thimphu valley from there. After that, a tour of the National Memorial Chorten was built in honor of the third Druk Gyalpo. The Tibetan-style architecture of golden spires and bells is impressive and holds great cultural significance. An interesting tour of the Bhutan Postal Museum. An amazing collection of varieties of stamps in different shapes and also learn about Bhutanese history. Customize stamps with your photos and take them as a souvenir. Then, a visit to the Buddhist monastery and fortress Tashichho Dzong-“Fortress of Auspicious Doctrine”. Popularly known as Thimphu Dzong, it is famous for its history, unique architecture, and calm atmosphere. At last, end the trip by visiting the National Folk Heritage Museum. The Bhutanese culture is greatly shown through documentaries or educational programs. The displaying of seasonal artifacts is the highlight of this museum. Rest, relax and spend a night at a hotel.

After breakfast, drive to Punakha. On the way, stop at Dochu-La-Pass and witness the snow-capped mountains of Bhutan. The beautiful landscape, and vegetation while descending the Pass. Visit the 108 memorial Druk Wangyal Chortens constructed in respect of Bhutanese soldiers killed in a war.

From there, head towards Punakha. Stop at the “Fertility Temple of Bhutan”-Chimi Lhakhang. Many childless couples seek blessings of the Divine Madman even from around the world. Upon reaching Punakha, rest for a while at a hotel. A time to visit the second oldest Punakha dzong in Bhutan. This palace of bliss is constructed without using any nails. Participate in the Punakha festival if you are here around mid-Feb. Complete the tour by visiting Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten. The iconic landmark was constructed to bring peace to the world. Admire the lovely images of the deities of mandalas Vajrakilaya. In the evening, visit nearby local places or markets. Spend a night at a hotel.

After breakfast, drive to Wangdue. A tour to Wangdue Phodrang Dzong. A historic importance dzong consists of 14 temples and has three doorways and three courtyards. Witness the stunning interior inside the dzong and one can also see Mahakala carved on a stone slab. From there, a visit to the temple of Sha Radap. Locals referred to it as Rada Lhakhang. Locals worship as guardian deities and it is accustomed to bringing newborns to seek the blessings and for the naming ceremony. Usually, the name of a baby begins with Rada. Wangdue is a doorway to the Phobjika valley. Have lunch and a 2-hour drive to the Phobjika valley.

Phobjika is a beautiful glacial valley in Bhutan. It is also called Gangtey because of the Gangtey Monastery. The valley is rich in a variety of flora and fauna. It is a winter home for endangered and sacred black-necked cranes which symbolizes longevity. A popular trekking route and the breathtaking scenery, vegetation, and landscapes make this valley more attractive. A visit to the Gangtey Monastery, beautiful for its traditional architecture. The vital monastery of the Nyingmapa school of Buddhism is situated on a forested hill. Admire the mesmerizing view of the Phobjika valley from the hilltop. Interact with locals if one wishes to and spend a night at a hotel.

An exciting 5-hour trip to Bumthang witnessing beautiful scenery on the way. Take a rest for a while upon reaching a hotel. Get ready to visit Jakar Dzong. It is well-known as the “Castle of the white bird”. It is also called Yuelay Namgyal Dzong. A victorious place that acted as a defensive house during the war in Bhutan. Visit the nearby markets after exploring the dzong. Try out some Bhutanese cuisine too. Spend a night at a hotel.

Let’s explore the lovely district of Bumthang. Tour around Kurjey Lhakhang. Historically significant as the relics of the first three kings of Bhutan rests here. Thus, it is named after the body print (kurjey) of Guru Padmasambhava. A large tree behind the temple is believed to be related to Guru.

Further, visit the Tamshing Lhakhang also called as “Temple of Good Message”. A remarkable temple and monastery that has a direct link with the Bhutanese saints. Get fascinated with traditional religious paintings. A great center of Bhutanese holy masked dance.

Complete the trip by exploring the Konchogsum Lhakhang also named Tsilung. It holds great historic importance and the good blending of ancient culture and modern art is the best part. Return to a hotel after an exciting trip. Stay overnight at a hotel.

Have breakfast and let’s continue to sightsee the remaining places. Visit the first place of Bhutan “Wangdichholing Palace” which wasn’t mainly a fortress.It was used as a monastic school but now renovation has helped it to convert into a museum. Also, see five colossal water-powered prayer wheels inside chortens.

From here, tour an ancient Jambay Lhakhang which was constructed to calm down the demons. The three steps symbolizing three ages are the main attraction inside the main Lhakhang. It indicates the past, present, and a new age of the historic Shakyamuni Buddha. Witness the future Buddha with his feet on an elephant, ancient murals portraying 1000 Buddhas, Kalachakra Temple, a pile of mani stones, and stone chortens. An ancient belief is that there is a lake under the Lhakhang which consists of hidden holy texts and artifacts concealed by Guru Rinpoche.

A visit to the Buddhist monastery Ngang Lhakhang popularly known as Swan temple. Admire the beautiful religious architecture, Guru Rinpoche’s statue with his two consorts, and the protective three deities of long-life Amitayus, Tara, and Usnishavijaya. Stay overnight at a hotel.

Have your breakfast and get ready for a long 9-hour road trip to Paro. Admire the beautiful scenery en route to Paro and check into the hotel upon arrival. Enjoy dinner and take much-needed rest after such a long travel. Stay overnight at a hotel.

Alternatively, take a domestic flight from Bumthang to Paro. Upon arrival, rest at a hotel for a while. Leave the hotel to visit the oldest Jowo temple in Kyichu Lhakhang. This temple holds great importance in Bhutanese history as it was constructed to stop female giants who were troubling to spread Buddhism across Tibet. The original statue of Jowo Shakyamuni and a statue of Chenrezig can be seen too. From here, an hour drive to reach Chele La Pass. At the highest pass of Bhutan, one can get a glimpse of mesmerizing mountain ranges. Every photographer delight to capture splendid natural scenery including Bhutan’s most sacred peak Mt. Jumolhari, and the surrounding peak overlooking the lovely Paro and Haa valleys. Witness the rock paintings of Guru Rinpoche with his two consorts. Spend a night at a hotel.

After the tour of the pass, return to your hotel for the night’s stay.

An adventurous day to travel to Bhutan’s most iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery. A lovely place where one can get a good glimpse of the Paro valley as it is situated on the Cliffside. This monastery is one finest specimens of Bhutanese architecture holding spiritual and cultural significance. Mediate in this peaceful cave for one’s mind and soul calmness. One can interact with monks to learn more about the folklore related to this cave. On returning, stop halfway at a cafe for lunch/coffee. Descend down to reach the next destination Drukgyel Dzong. This ancient ruin is Bhutan’s beautiful archaeological site. This dzong was built solely for protection purposes and the nation’s sovereignty is highly connected with it. The best example of masonry crafts on the walls can be seen. Also, witness the cylindrical tower building Chu-dzong. After an amazing tour, return to a hotel to enjoy dinner. Spend a night at a hotel.

Today is remaining sightseeing in Paro and the first destination is the National Museum of Bhutan. The paintings, art pieces, animal masks, and bronze statues are the finest collections displayed here. The galleries have an enormous collection and are the best place for history and art lovers.

From here, travel to visit Paro Dzong. The formal name is Rinpung Dzong meaning “Fortress on a Heap of Jewels”. Famous for its finest Bhutanese architecture one can see the gold, black and ochre-painted carved wood. The variation on the Bhutanese mandala and a “Thondrol” (a huge thangka) where religious pictures of Guru Rinpoche are painted or embroidered are major highlights.

Accomplish the tour by touring Dzongdrakha Goemba. A unique place combined with four chapels is also stated as “Mini Taktsang”. Jongsarbu Lhakhang, Tshering Lhakhang, Guru Lhakhang, and Lhamey are four main chapels. Besides, one can witness a whole year of fruit-bearing magical orange trees in the courtyard. Other attractions are a huge white Chorten, a hidden chamber of Guru Lhakhang, and a permanent Shakyamuni Buddha statue. Return to hotel and arrange backpack for next day’s departure. Spend a night there.

An end to a remarkable 11-day tour making some sweet memories. Along with the Bhutanese guide, drive to the Paro International Airport. The guide bids farewell and you depart to the preferred destinations with the hope of visiting this heavenly nation again.

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Traveler’s Reviews


Myrna & Johnny
Travel time: November 5, 2023

Wonderful and amazing Nepal and Bhutan trip

Namaste Mr. Netra, yes we are back home in the Philippines and now well rested. We were so tired after a long hike to the Tiger’s nest and very proud of ourselves that we were able to go up and down that mountain. I can’t wait to tell you about our wonderful and amazing Nepal and Bhutan trip to my friends in Guam. Will surely recommend your company to them. This was different from our previous trip, more on scenic, cultural, historical and adventure trip. What really made it really ☺☺☺☺☺☺ it different was the nice camaraderie with our drivers and tour guides and, most especially, you checking us we are doing after our day-to-day tour. Thank you for that. I really appreciate the nice gestures. You, your staff and Bhutan staff made this trip wonderful for us. We won’t forget it. We are actually planning to bring our daughter and her husband to Mt. Everest trek maybe up to 3k meters, then explore the Eastern side of Bhutan, but this time coming from India and see Taj Majal and other interesting sites. Very thankful I came across your company on the internet since there were a lot of tour sites to choose from. Love all the nice and comfortable hotels we stayed in. Please extend my regards to Raj, Surad, Dipak,Rinchen and Ram. Sorry I forgot the name of our driver in Pokhara. Thank you all so much, I will let you know about our Himalayan trip plans and, if my friends will be interested in going to any Himalayan countries are you will recommend your company for sure. Namaste🙏

Travel time: April 12, 2017

Great tour!

My friend and I did a short tour of Bhutan from July 24-30 and it was wonderful. The guys at Everest vacation organized our tour well. With the quality of transport, hotels, and most importantly our lovely guide, this whole tour turned out to be excellent. I appreciated the itinerary made by the Everest Vacation team, nothing was rushed and each day had its highlights.

We have been traveling around the years for many years now. The professionalism shown by Netra, and the team was a delight for us. Bhutan is a sublime country and I would recommend anyone planning a tour there choose Everest vacation.


United States of America
Travel time: October 11, 2023

Nepal-Bhutan combined tour experience as Surprisingly fantastic!

We described our Nepal-Bhutan combined tour experience as Surprisingly fantastic! We didn’t expect our trips to be the most memorable. During tours, we immersed ourselves in local culture, and cultural exploration in a short time frame. Very amazed by the local’s pleasing hospitality. Our visit to historic landmarks, Bhutan’s monasteries, Nepal’s natural wonders, and cultural tapestry created a remarkable experience. We highly recommend Everest Vacation to all.

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