Experience Thrilling Adventure Sports During Nepal Tour July 11, 2023

Nepal is globally popular for trekking in the mountains. For adventure lovers, Nepal is the go-to destination. Let the travelers be aware that Nepal has multiple adventure sports besides trekking. Experience Thrilling Adventure Sports During Nepal Tour as there is a wide variety to choose from for adventure sports enthusiasts. Spring and Autumn seasons are best to carry out these thrilling adventure sports in Nepal. Some popular thrilling adventure sports are as follows:


Nepal is widely popular when it comes to trekking. The renowned trekking routes such as Everest Base Camp, classic Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang Valley, etc. are traveler’s favorites. Besides these routes, there are several trek routes suitable for all age groups. All trekking routes offer diversity to travelers with their scenic vistas, landscapes, flora and fauna, and snow-covered mountains. The trekking cost varies on different factors such as trek route, duration, and services (guide, porter, accommodation, permits, and meals).

Trek Cost: It can range from USD 800 to more than USD 2000.


Nepal needs no introduction when it comes to mountaineering. Nepal is home to the world’s highest peak Mount Everest (8,848.86 m). It has eight peaks above 8,000 meters. Besides, there are more than 400 peaks in Nepal for mountaineering. Mount Everest is the best choice among mountaineers. But, mountaineers seeking challenges also attempt other mountains such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga. Novice or beginner mountaineers also go for peak climbing and famous peaks for climbing are Mera Peak, Island Peak, Yala Peak, Pisang Peak, Chulu East, etc. For mountaineering, they should be fully prepared and it’s advantageous to have previous experience. The mountaineering cost differs on factors like peak difficulty, expedition duration, essential permits, equipment, and support services.

Mountaineering Cost: It can range from USD 3,000 to more than USD 10,000.

Rafting and Kayaking

Nepal is the second richest nation in water resources in the world. There are abundant whitewater rivers for rafting and kayaking in Nepal. Trishuli, Bhotekoshi, and Seti rivers in Nepal are among the favorites for thrilling water adventure sports. Kayaking is a solo water adventure attempted by experts and rafting is performed in a group. The rafting and kayaking cost varies with duration, river grade, group size, and services (transportation, equipment, and guides).

Rafting and Kayaking Cost: It can range from USD 30 to USD 100.

Paragliding Tandem Flight

The natural beauty of Nepal is abundant and offers diverse scenic views, changing landscapes, and lush greenery during the season. What could be the better way to explore this via paragliding tandem flights in a short duration? Sarangkot (Pokhara) in Nepal is the best destination for Paragliding. Besides this, Chapakharka (Godawari), and Chadragiri in Kathmandu are some nearest paragliding destinations. Adventurers can witness the scenic views, snow-capped mountains, and aerial views of the city during Paragliding tandem flights. One pilot is assigned during this tandem flight. The cost depends on the duration, locations, and services (pick-up, drop-off, photography, and videography).

Paragliding Tandem Flight Cost: It can range from USD 70 to USD 150 per person.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the adrenaline rush adventure sports. The leap off from the suspension bridge into a deep gorge is a very daring task. The Last Resort, Pokhara, and Kushma are famous bungee jumping spots in Nepal. Kushma Bungee Jump is the world’s second-highest and Nepal’s highest bungee spot at an elevation of 228 m. Along with bungee in Kushma, adventures can enjoy the world’s highest and longest sky cycle walk. Full safety measures are ensured with the use of safety equipment.

Bungee Jumping Cost: It can range from USD 70 to USD 100 per person.


Zip-lining is the shortest but most thrilling adventure sport amidst a lush greenery valley. The aerial view of the surroundings is wonderful. There are different zip-lining options as well. Pokhara and Dhulikhel are two prominent spots for zip-lining. Admire beautiful Annapurna Himalayan ranges during the zip-lining. The zip-lining charge differs with location, and services (transportation, photography, and videography).

Zip-Lining Cost: It can range from USD 20 to USD 100 per person.

Mountain Biking

Nepal’s geography is diverse from plains to steep ascend and descend with rugged terrains. The rugged trails are suitable for mountain biking. Mountain bikers can experience adventurous thrills as well as witness diverse scenic landscapes. Some popular trails for mountain biking in Nepal are Kathmandu Valley (Nagarkot, Kakani, Hattiban downhill), Upper Mustang, Annapurna Circuit, and Pokhara. Renting a mountain bike ranges from USD 15 to USD 50 per day. For mountain biking, the total cost depends on the duration and services included (Guide, accommodation, meals, and maintenance).

Mountain Bike Rent Cost: It can range from USD 15 to USD 50 per day.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally challenging adventurous sport. This sport is gaining popularity in Nepal. Multiple rock climbing sites are here which are appropriate for experienced climbers as well as beginners. Kathmandu (Nagarjuna Forest, Hattiban), Bimal Nagar (Bandipur), Nagarkot, and Namche Bazaar are popular locations for rock climbing. Thamel is popular for indoor rock climbing stations. The total rock climbing cost varies with the location, duration, equipment rental, and the inclusion of guides or instructors.

Rock Climbing Cost: It can range from USD 30 to more than USD 100.

Jungle Safari

Nepal is not only about mountains but also about nature and its beauty. There are 12 national parks in Nepal situated at different altitudes that offer diverse flora and fauna. Among 12 national parks in Nepal, Chitwan and Bardiya in Terai are popular for Jungle Safaris. This Jungle Safari or Elephant Safari takes you to the park’s vicinity where you can witness diverse species of flora and fauna such as one-horned rhinos, giant elephants, deer, Bengal Tiger, Gharial, and birds. Adventures can also enjoy nature walks inside the park, canoeing, bird watching, and excursions to nearby Tharu village. Jungle Safari’s cost differs with the services included such as park permit costs, tour guide, safari activities, meals, and accommodation.

Jungle Safari Cost: It can range from USD 50 to USD 150 per day.


Canyoning spots in Nepal are fewer but we ensure it gives adventurers a full thrill. Enjoy descending and sliding down through waterfalls and narrow canyons by abseiling, and jumping into natural pools. Panglang (The Last Resort), Jalbire, and Sundarijal are well-known canyoning spots. The location, duration, equipment rental, and guides determine the overall canyoning cost.

Canyoning Cost: It can range from USD 50 to USD 100 per person.

Hot air ballooning

Pokhara is the only spot for Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal. One of the incredible adventures that take visitors to a height of 1000 ft. above sea level. Enjoy the stunning aerial view of Pokhara Valley’s landscapes, snow-covered Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, Fishtail, Himchuli, and Langtang. Depending on weight, the balloon carries 6-8 people.

Hot Air Ballooning Cost: It can range from USD 200 to USD 250 per person.

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