About Hinduisms

Hinduisms one of the earliest and ancient religions, right date on history unknown, but believed to be more than thousands years ago, in Hindu there are many gods and goddess as in the Greek and Romans old mythology with supreme lords for all occasions the main supreme gods are Brahma, Mahesh (Shiva) and Vishnu.

Brahma the creator of universe, however he is not that popular as Mahesh and Vishnu in daily life of Hindus’, Lord Vishnu the creator and preserver and he is know with many names and has manifestations in Hindu religion and mythology and believed taking reincarnation in many forms in different era of times, like Rama and Krishna and the Hindu believes that Lord Buddha as Vishnu last reincarnation and yet to be reincarnated in future in different supreme forms.

Mahesh, Shiva or Shanker also known as Bholanath, most important supreme god for all Hindus, he is known as creator and destroyer Shiva temples and monuments is widely placed all around the country with ‘Nandi’ the bull as his vehicle sitting opposite to Shiva Temple.

He is worshiped every day and there is a huge crowd and pilgrimage in mid February the birth anniversary of Lord Shiva all around the country and especially at holy Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu.

Beside the three supreme gods, there are many minor gods and goddess like Ganesh the elephant idol, son Shiva he got the boon from Shiva that he worshipped first before praying to other idols and goddess Kali the ferocious looking one she battled the demons and always blood thirsty, so devotes sacrifice animals and offers the blood to Goddess Kali.

There is a well known and least visited temple of Shiva called Anantalingeswor temple outside Kathmandu city suburb near Bhaktapur around Suryabinayak area,

The temple is located in a serene environment and once a year a religious takes place in honor of Anantalingeswor or Lord Shiva.