FAQs Nepal

01: Nepal after earthquake 2015

Nepal is again in normal situation after Earthquake in April 2015. Travelers are visiting all areas of the country without any problem.

02: Is Nepal Safe for tourist/traveler?

Nepal is one of the safest countries in this world one can travel in Nepal as a free individual traveler as long you have proper paper-works.

Nepali is known widely for its warm and friendly hospitality where you travel in Nepal you will find cheerful and willing to help and volunteer with service as per your queries and needs and information.

03: To book good and reliable travel agents in Nepal?

Most of the travel agents in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu and other touristic areas, are reliable and been running for more than a decade with utmost experience in travel line, however, as per your taste and duration in Nepal, you can book with us.

As we have an expert knowledgeable guide with long experience in culture, history of the country that you would like to know and plus we have a wide fleet of vehicles from comfortable cars, coach to big buses including a four-wheel drive for rough and long destinations

04: How is the weather like in Nepal?

Nepal has four seasons including the monsoon (wet months) as for sightseeing and cultural tour, Nepal is perfect in all these seasons, however, the best is from March to May and October to November months when the views are clear especially of the high snow-capped mountain range.

05: What ages does the company allow for long tours and travel?

Age no bar in all our travel and tour destinations, we have space for all ages from children from 5 to 70 years old person or even more, as long one is physical, medically and mentally fit. On long travel, we use most comfortable vehicles with excellent drivers and guides who have the knowledge in medical know how this will be assuring to all our travelers and guests. Besides driving, journey one can a book a flight to make the distance shorter as per the age group and budget wise.

06: How are the foods and accommodation in hotels and lodge?

Most of the hotels in the touristic destination are of tourist standard with all types of comfort facilities and with world-class international cuisine in menus, Nepal is widely famous for its friendly hospitality serving quality and hygienic meals full of excellent hotels and restaurants for all types of food including fresh bakeries.

Whatever your taste and budget are, we can book you in the hotels, lodge, guest house or resorts we have tourist standard to 5 stars deluxe class of accommodation and other facilities that required serving customers.

07: If one is sick on tour are there good medical facilities?

Nepal has international qualified doctors and medical persons, in all major cities and towns equipped with a good hospital, nursing homes, and medical clinic.

Depending upon the nature of the illness, doctors in Nepal can diagnose any types of general sickness, surgery from burns to wounds and other serious medical needs.

08: What to expect on tours?

Depending upon the area of tours, as Nepal is famous for historical, culture with a vast range of monuments which are mostly listed in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Nepal is a melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist with a small minority of Islamic, Christians, Jain and Sikh religions.

Most of the monuments temples and monasteries are of Hindu and Buddhist religions, other places of interest are old Durbar square and palaces of past kings.

Nepal with its unique Himalayan setting full of mountains, rivers and deep jungles as well where one can take an elephant safari in one most famous national park of Chitwan to observe wildlife such as rare Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhinoceros many types of deer and other wildlife with more than 700 species of exotic birds.

The other best part of Nepal is its panorama of snow-capped mountains in the comfort of nice and cozy hotels and resorts and with the warm hospitality of native villagers staying in homestay facilities.

Whatever your taste and interest are? Nepal an amazing country has them all through all seasons.