Shopping in Nepal

Nepal is famous for its handicrafts since many past centuries, handicrafts and other artworks are interwoven with culture, traditions and way of life of Nepali peoples.

In Kathmandu one can find unique intricate wooden carving and handicrafts, visit the handicrafts workshop and observe the artists on works and can buy from its showrooms many types of handicrafts from small medium to larger ones. Handicrafts range from wood works, metals and stones with furniture’s, decorating items, carets or rugs is another important work of arts and skill found in high Himalayan area’s of Nepal, in Kathmandu visit the famous Tibetan refugees settlement with carpet and other handicraft factory for quality carpets and other handmade goods, carpets ranging from 80 knots to 500 knots per sq inch, with natural, vegetable dye or chemical colors as per the budget and choice of quality.

Huge exports of carpets to European countries and some in Far East countriesare in demand including wooden and metal handicrafts, the other main exports is Pashmina shawls (from the wool of mountain goats) all carpets are mostly made from Yaks and Sheep wools.