Tibetan Family Kitchen and Princess Wencheng Live Drama February 13, 2024

The capital of Tibet Lhasa treats travelers to diverse offerings including historic and cultural landmarks, amazing Tibetan foods, and unique live drama coupled with the warm hospitality of the locals. We have numerous articles on the Historic and cultural landmarks of Lhasa and Tibet. This article highlights the Tibetan Family Kitchen and Princess Wencheng Live Drama which is a unique offering for travelers to Lhasa. If anyone is planning to travel to Lhasa, we recommend exploring these activities as nobody should afford to miss them.

Tibetan Family Kitchen

Traveling to new destinations and creating memories are unforgettable. Food or meals from that destination are one of the best ways to connect with those places. Likewise, in Lhasa exploring authentic Tibetan food surprises travelers. Tibetan Family Kitchen in Lhasa is the top-rated restaurant with top ratings from all major platforms including Trip Advisor. It includes delicious Tibetan dishes as well as continental dishes too. Not only eating but also involved in the cooking classes offered by them. A new experience for travelers to cherish as fond memories of their Lhasa tours.


Tibetan Family Kitchen lies in the vicinity of Barkhor Street which is on the southwest side of the street. This is the first and only cooking class kitchen in Lhasa. The restaurant is on the second floor with a rooftop cottage which is grey in color.

Owner of the Restaurant:

The Tibetan couple and former Tour guides Namdol and Lubhum are the owners of the restaurant. Earlier this restaurant was started as the Social Initiative Project of their tour company which grew gradually. Later it prospered as an independent industry. At present, this restaurant is owned and entirely run by their family.

Tibetan Family Kitchen cooking class with Tibetan traditional clothes cost:

USD 40 per/person and dinner with the family

Tibetan Family Kitchen Menu:

The Tibetan Family Kitchen menu is a variety including authentic Tibetan delicacies and other continental dishes. Most dishes are prepared using Tibetan traditional ingredients like sweet peanuts, barley flour, butter, yak meat, etc. The main dishes are Tsampa, Tibetan mo:mo dumplings, Tibetan noodles, and sweet rice. They also offer Special diets that include vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, and gluten-free meals. As your preference, travelers can choose from the menu. The Tibetan Family Kitchen Special Menu is as follows:

Tibetan Family Kitchen Cooking Class Schedule

4:30 pm-8:00 pm (Every day)

Everyday cooking class schedule starts at 4:30 pm. Till 5 pm, do grocery shopping. Prepare amazing dishes with family or friends between 5 to 7 pm. For an hour between 7 to 8 pm, dine with friends and family wearing Tibetan traditional customs. Drinks are provided free by the Tibetan Family Kitchen which includes homemade barley wine, Tibetan Yak Butter Tea, Tibetan sweet tea, Lhasa beer, ginger lemon honey tea, coffee, and mineral water.

Tibetan Family Kitchen Cooking Class Booking Additional Info

Cancellation Policy

We suggest canceling before 48 hours as it is free of charge. After 48 hours, certain charges apply under the cancellation policy.

Princess Wencheng Live Drama

Princess Wencheng Live Drama

Princess Wencheng Live Drama in Lhasa is one of the major attractions for travelers seeking to explore some unique adventure in this magical land. This drama unfolds the intermarriage between the Han Empire’s Princess Wencheng and the Tubo Empire’s King Songtsen Gampo. In China’s history, this marriage has had great significance in strengthening the bond between the Tang Dynasty and the Tubo Kingdom. Tibetan history marks this union with great importance as it promotes a harmonious, and matrimonial relationship between the peoples of Tibet and China.

Princess Wencheng and King Songsten Gampo’s historic marriage is put on stage with lavish real-scene performances of dancing and singing wearing traditional Tibetan customs in Lhasa. It is a delightful experience for travelers to witness this live drama. It is undeniably a real treat for drama and musical lovers, photographers, and cultural enthusiasts.

Live Drama Performance

Sit in a huge open theatre and relish the grand live drama performance which is a new experience for travelers. Adore the magical acts of traditional Tibetan dancing and singing performed by professional 700 performers wearing traditional costumes. Be a part of the Tubo and Tang dynasty’s marriage via these shows and witness the rich history and culture of China and Tibet. The whole marriage epic journey is shown in 5 chapters implementing the original appearance of the Tang Dynasty and ancient Tibet for authentic experience. The drama was first aired in 2013 and praised by generations of Tibetan and Han peoples. It has been an integral part of Lhasa as a major attraction for travelers to witness this live drama that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Prime Attractions of Princess Wencheng Live Drama

Princess Wencheng Drama

Venue: Princess Wencheng Theater, China Tibetan Culture and Tourist Creative Park, Cijiaolin Village, Chengguan District, Lhasa, Tibet.

Time: 9:30-11:00 pm (Monday-Sunday)
Ticket Price: USD 80 per person (starting price)

Travelers must include the destinations Tibetan Family Kitchen and Princess Wencheng Live Drama in their itinerary during their Lhasa tours. Lhasa sightseeing is one of the major attractions but these two destinations are not to be missed. They are undeniably great experiences and travelers can take them as memorable experiences from the Lhasa tours.

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