1 Day Kathmandu Nepal Tour

Kathmandu Nepal tour with 4 World Heritage Sites by UNESCO  ||   Extermly Popular  ||   4-8 hours Private Trip

Embark on a delightful single day tour of Kathmandu and explore the fascinating historical and cultural landmarks listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Immerse yourself in the rich history, vibrant culture, diverse religion, delectable Nepalese cuisine, and local lifestyle, all with the guidance of our expert travel guides from Nepal.

Major Attractions Boudha Stupa, Pashpati Temple, Swoyambhu (Monkey Temple) & Basantapur Durbar Square (Hanuman Dhoka)
Transportation options AC Luxury Car/Hiace
Maximum Altitude 1350m.
Best Season All Months

One-day Kathmandu Tour with multiple choices for 2023/2024

  1. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swoyambhu/Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, and Boudhanath Stupa in 1-day sightseeing.
  2. Patan durbar Square, Pashupatinath and Swoyambhu/Monkey Temple in 1 day tour.
  3. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changunarayan and Pashupatinath Temple in a single day.
  4.  Chandragiri Hills with a cable car ride, Swoyambhu/Monkey Temple, Hanuman Dhoka in one day. (Chandragiri Hills with cable car)
  5. Or, choose your preferred places to see and let us know, and we will operate your choices. You may add an Everest mountain flight or helicopter flight to Everest on the same day.

Pashupatinath Temple, with Sadhus

Single-Day Kathmandu Nepal City Tour

Here are the details of any option from above. If you need details for other options, we will send you.

Everest Vacation City and cultural guide will pick you up from your respective hotel in the valley for an exciting tour of Kathmandu Valley. Starting at the heart of the valley, the Kathmandu Durbar Square is the foremost destination for you today. This place is steeped in old history and rich Nepali culture from the 16th century till now. The former royal palace from where the Malla kings ruled over Kathmandu, is also renowned as the Hanuman Dhoka (palace). Once here there are many dazzling monuments you won’t like to miss.

Visit the majestic Kastamandap Temple (the name of this city is derived from the word ‘Kasthamandap’), a temple built from woods coming from a single tree. Then you will have an opportunity to visit the temple of the Kumari Goddess (the only living goddess in Nepal). Kumaris selected here are of tender child age and are considered and worshipped in the form of Divine power. After her puberty phase, the next kumari is selected. Visit the famous freak street, a popular place of budget tourist shopping, and the hippie’s meetup point before Thamel overshadowed it.

At Basantapur Durbar area.

After a lively and exciting tour a short drive towards the west of the city to reach your next destination in the form of Swoyambhunath Stupa. It is located on a hilltop, with fabulous Panoramic views of Kathmandu city and green hills surrounding it. Further north from the hill in clear weather, you can view high snow-capped mountains.

One of the oldest historical sites in the UNESCO World Heritage sites from Nepal, Swoyambhunath ages back more than 2, 5000 years. The stupa complex consists of old Buddhist religious monuments topped with a colossal dome-shaped stupa. With four mystical eyes of Buddha overlooking four directions in the dome, you will have a sacred feeling of fulfillment in this place. This place is surrounded by green forest with many monkeys dwelling around this place. Hence the temple is also known as “Monkey Temple.”

Our next destination lies a short distance towards the east of Kathmandu city. Pashupatinath Temple area is one of the most sacred places for Hindu Pilgrims around the world. Non-Hindu tourists are not allowed inside the main temple. However one can visit the surrounding shrines and also view the temple from a nearby spot. The Pashupatinath Temple lies on the banks of the Holy Bagmati River. The main temple has a golden pagoda-tier roof and four silver doors.

Surrounded by lovely forests and lush vegetation, Pashupatinath is an important Pilgrimage for Hindu devotees. This place packs with domestic and international pilgrims in mid-February on Shiva Ratri (birth anniversary of Lord Shiva). On the opposite side of the Pashupatinath and bank of the Bagmati river, funeral and cremation take place according to the Hindu religion. A heart-touching site but a vital experience about the way of life.

Then drive towards the northeast reaching Bouddhanath Stupa. Also famous as the “Little Tibet” of Nepal due to the strong Tibetan influence here in culture, traditions, and religion. Bouddhanath is a vast white dome with a low tier from where one can walk up near the top. With lovely views of the culture and Buddhist Tradition, you will have a peaceful time. Surrounding the Bouddhanath area are Souvenir shops, stores, restaurants, and monasteries. You can experience nightlife in Boudhanath with Tibetan tea in the evening.

After this fascinating tour of lovely historical and cultural influence from your destination, return to your respective hotels.

Distances of each other monuments- Kathmandu best place to see:

  1. Kathmandu Durbar square (Hanuman Dhaka) to Swoyambhu Stupa (Swoyambhunath Maha Chaitya / Monkey Temple) distance: 3.3 KM with 15 15-minute drive approximately.
  2. Swoyambhu to Pashupati Temple distance: 8 km with a 30-minute drive.
  3. Pashupatinath Temple to  Boudhanath Stupa distance: 2 km with 10 10-minute drive approximately.

Outline Itinerary

  • Start the tour from your your hotel and drive to Boudhanath Stupa (one of the biggest Buddhist stupa).
  • Visit stupa with guide instruction.
  • Drive to Pashupatinath Temple and visit there with open cremation area.
  • Drive to Monkey Temple (Swoyambhunath Stupa)
  • Visit around there with fantastic Kathmandu valley views.
  • Drive to Kathmandu Durbar Square (Basantapur), take your time there and return to your hotel.

Alternate Tour - 1 day trip (Cultural Tour + Adventure Tour) with Chandragiri Hills by cable car

Alternate Tour - 1 day Hiking trip in Kathmandu Valley (3 hours to 5 hours)

US $80/pp, if single traveler
US $45/pp, if 2-3 pax
US $35/pp, if 4-7 pax
US $25/pp, if 8 pax & above

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What's included?

  • Fully private trip (even 1 traveler) with private guide and vehicle.
  • Transportation in comfortable private vehicle(s) with air-condition
  • English speaking cultural city tour guide
  • Pickup and drop to your hotel

FAQs for Kathmandu Tour

1. How can I Reach Kathmandu?

- You can enter Kathmandu by international flight from Europe and other parts of Asia, Australia and USA with stopover and transit on route flight to reaching Kathmandu (Tribhuvan International airport),

- Overland from Delhi, Sikkim, and Darjeeling from India

- To enter from China catch a flight or train to Lhasa (Tibet) and then drive/fly to Kathmandu.

2. How to get Visa for Kathmandu?

All valid Passports are required with a proper visa for you to enter Nepal. Visa can be obtained from your countries through Nepal Embassy and Consulate, or one can get a permit on arrival at any port of entry at the border or Kathmandu international airport. Minimum visa of a week and a maximum of 1 month can be obtained from here. If you urge to elongate the stay, your visa extension can be done for an extra cost per day or week basis.

3. How to find & book a good and reliable travel agents in Nepal?

Most of the travel agents in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu and other touristic areas, are reliable and certified by the government. Some of these agencies have been running for more than a decade with the utmost experience in travel line. However, as per your taste and duration in Nepal, you can book with us as we provide topnotch services with a flexible period of your journey.

We have an expert knowledgeable local guide with complete training and experience in culture, history of the destination you will visit. With us, you will be able to experience the destinations to your fullest without missing a thing. We keep in touch with you throughout your journey till your departure and aid you in your tour. Similarly, we have a wide range of transport vehicles for your ease and a standby team for any complications during your trip.

4. How is the weather like in Nepal?

Nepal has four seasons including the monsoon (wet months). The climate is not too cold in winter and mildly hot in summer. The country experiences a moderate climate in every other time of the year.

You can experience the destinations differently in each weather, and the memories will be equally delightful. As for sightseeing and cultural tour, You can visit this country at any time of the year. However, the best time will be from the month of March to May and October to November when the views are clear especially of the high snow-capped mountain range.

5. What to expect on tours?

Depending upon the duration and area of your tours, you can expect something new in every destination. Nepal will surprise you with delights as this place is like no other when it comes to traveling. Famous for numerous historical, cultural monuments which are mostly listed in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, Nepal is a travel lover's Zion.

Nepal is a melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist with small minority of Islamic, Christians, Jain and Sikh religions.

Most of the monuments temples and monasteries are of Hindu and Buddhist religions, other places of interest are old historical Durbar squares as the palaces of former kings.

Nepal embraces you with its unique Himalayan setting full of mountains, rivers, and thick jungles as well. One can take an elephant safari in one most famous national park of Chitwan to observe wildlife and nature from close. Rare Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhinoceros many different types of deer and other wildlife and 700 species of exotic birds live in these jungles.

The other experience of Nepal is its panoramic scene of snow-capped mountains in the comfort of nice and cozy hotels and resorts and with the warm hospitality of native villagers in homestay facilities.

Whatever your taste and interest are? Nepal is an amazing country with everything you would want in a travel destination.