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2 days Kathmandu City tour with World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley; Kathmandu, Bhaktapur & Patan

If you’re short on time but eager to explore the essential monuments of Kathmandu, this guided city tour of Kathmandu Valley, including Patan and Bhaktapur, is the perfect way to do it. This cultural day tour offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of the world heritage sites in the area. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the best of Kathmandu!

Major Attractions
Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, Swoyambhunath, Basantapur, Patan Durbar Square & Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Best Season
Any Season
Transportation options
Private AC Vehicle


  1. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Hanuman Dhaka, Kumari (A living Goddess), Kasthamandap, Basantapur, Freak-street
  2. Swoyambhunath Stupa, Monkey Temple, Swoyambhu Temple, Maha Chaitya
  3. Pashupatinath Temple, Hindu Temple, Open crimination center, Evening Aarti at opposite of Pashupati temple
  4. Boudhanath Stupa, One of the biggest stupas in Asia, the Big Buddha stupa
  5. Patan Durbar Square, Krishna Temple, Patan Museum, Wooden architecture factory
  6. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pottery making, Wood carving, Changunarayan temple
  7. Or, choose your preferred places to see and let us know, and we will operate your choices. You may add an Everest mountain flight or helicopter flight to Everest on the same day.

Day by Day Activities

A captivating morning tour with Everest Vacation, our city, and a cultural guide will receive you from the hotel in the first hour of the day. You will then start the day with a guided tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square. A place with a stockpile of old history and rich culture, visiting old Royal Durbar Square is experiencing medieval Nepal as a whole.

One of the major attractions here was Kasthamandap Temple (where Kathmandu was named) a temple built from the wood of a single tree. Sadly, the temple with a couple of other monuments was destroyed by the earthquake of 2015. However, you can still visit the ruins of these temples. Then you will have a tour of Kumari Goddess Temple (The only living goddess in Nepal). The Divine Goddess is here from a tender age, and she remains in the position until her puberty period. The priests then select the next Goddess to replace her.

Walk around the world-famous freak street, A popular destination in Kathmandu in the early 1960s to ’80s for budget tourists and hippies before Thamel was established as a tourist center.

From here you will travel towards the western delight of the Valley. Located on the hilltop Swoyambhu Stupa is the oldest shrine of this nation. Attended by Hindus and Buddhists alike this place is an excellent destination for a quick hike and some fresh air.

About 2500 years old, Swoyambhunath is also the oldest UNESCO Heritage site in Nepal. An environment with positive vibes and abundant pilgrims circumambulating the area, you can just feel the atmosphere all day long. The white dome at the top of the hill is the main structure here. With the abundant population of monkeys residing in the Temple, the Swoyambhunath area is also popular as ‘The Monkey Temple.’ From the hilltop, you can enjoy the panoramic view of most parts of Kathmandu and the hills that surround the city. In clear weather, you can also view multiple mountain ranges in the far North.

After your lunch, take a short rest and be ready to experience the most significant Hindu temple of Nepal, you head towards the north of the city towards the holy temple of Pashupatinath Temple in the late afternoon. As non-Hindu tourists and personnel can’t enter the main temple area, you can explore the other monuments and shrines under the vast field of Pashupatinath. Extending on both sides of the Holy Bagmati River the temple complex has more than 518 temples in a 264-hectare area.

From Pashupatinath, you drive further north-east to reach the Boudhanath Stupa. This stupa is the biggest in Nepal and is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Boudhanath is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. The majestic architecture of the dome is balanced with the Buddhist vibe going all around it. You can spend some time here Taking sips of Tibetan tea and enjoying the view from one of the rooftops here. You will also get a chance to shop for your souvenirs in the shops surrounding the Stupa.

After the nice refreshing tour of the Heritage and religious sites, return to your hotel and get some rest and refreshments.

Your morning starts with some hot beverages, and you move to the third major city of Bhaktapur. Also known as Bhadgaon(the land of rice), Bhaktapur offers you the less disturbed cultural places in the Valley. Walking through the stone patched streets here you can admire the art form and architecture in every corner. The area is famous for beautiful pottery as well as wood and stone carvings. The significant places not to miss on your visit are The Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapola Temple Square with surrounding temples, Bhaktapur National Art Gallery, and the 55 Windows Palace.

After your trip, Bhaktapur has lunch and proceeds towards the city of arts, Patan. Also known as Lalitpur, this city is the second largest city in the valley. A quieter neighborhood than the capital, Patan is a living cultural destination in your trip. You’ll have a visit to the Patan Durbar Square, where full of architectural brilliance and art-packed streets waiting for you. Explore the Krishna Temple, One of the most eye-catching and religiously essential sculptures of the square. People believe that this vast temple was carved into a single enormous stone. After your experience rich visit, return to your hotel.

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Traveler’s Reviews


Myrna & Johnny
Travel time: November 5, 2023

Wonderful and amazing Nepal and Bhutan trip

Namaste Mr. Netra, yes we are back home in the Philippines and now well rested. We were so tired after a long hike to the Tiger’s nest and very proud of ourselves that we were able to go up and down that mountain. I can’t wait to tell you about our wonderful and amazing Nepal and Bhutan trip to my friends in Guam. Will surely recommend your company to them. This was different from our previous trip, more on scenic, cultural, historical and adventure trip. What really made it really ☺☺☺☺☺☺ it different was the nice camaraderie with our drivers and tour guides and, most especially, you checking us we are doing after our day-to-day tour. Thank you for that. I really appreciate the nice gestures. You, your staff and Bhutan staff made this trip wonderful for us. We won’t forget it. We are actually planning to bring our daughter and her husband to Mt. Everest trek maybe up to 3k meters, then explore the Eastern side of Bhutan, but this time coming from India and see Taj Majal and other interesting sites. Very thankful I came across your company on the internet since there were a lot of tour sites to choose from. Love all the nice and comfortable hotels we stayed in. Please extend my regards to Raj, Surad, Dipak,Rinchen and Ram. Sorry I forgot the name of our driver in Pokhara. Thank you all so much, I will let you know about our Himalayan trip plans and, if my friends will be interested in going to any Himalayan countries are you will recommend your company for sure. Namaste🙏


United States of America
Travel time: October 11, 2023

Nepal-Bhutan combined tour experience as Surprisingly fantastic!

We described our Nepal-Bhutan combined tour experience as Surprisingly fantastic! We didn’t expect our trips to be the most memorable. During tours, we immersed ourselves in local culture, and cultural exploration in a short time frame. Very amazed by the local’s pleasing hospitality. Our visit to historic landmarks, Bhutan’s monasteries, Nepal’s natural wonders, and cultural tapestry created a remarkable experience. We highly recommend Everest Vacation to all.

Dochu La Pass, Bhutan Thimpbu

Los Angeles, USA
Travel time: April 17, 2019

Amazing Bhutan

Bhutan was on my bucket list for a few years now. And I crossed it after having a sublime tour of Nepal and Bhutan. I have some mad respect for the drivers in these areas with narrow hill highways taking us to our next destination. My guides were friendly as well as knowledgeable in multiple languages too. The tour went straight and by the end, I wanted nothing less than a revisit here. I don’t usually recommend the tour companies but Netra, Umesh, and Team deserve it for a superb tour.

Travel time: April 17, 2019

A trip enclosing various lifelong experience!

I am a person that sets a bar high for everything. For a vacation as well it is difficult to please me. But, this tour of the fantastic destinations of Nepal has me on my knees. Never before had I felt about a place like here. I was humbled by the majestic views and magical monuments of Pokhara and Kathmandu.

I selected Everest vacation randomly and I had a few expectations. But, the tour organized by the team and assistance provided by Umesh was very helpful. Even during the hikes here, I had every help available to make everything smooth. As a solo traveler, I was amazed at the photography skills of my guide too. I recommend Netra and Everest Vacation for a pristine vacation in Nepal.

jungle safari by jeep, chitwan national park

Travel time: April 25, 2019

Outstanding service for a once in a lifetime

Our tour was packed with some unforgettable experiences. A bulk of the credits to the tour operators Everest Vacation. The knowledgeable guides and super-skillful drivers gave it all too. Everything ran smoothly with no complications. As a cultural tour, there were some personal inclusions too with their standard tour. I am grateful for being flexible to make these changes. For anyone planning a cultural tour of Asia, I recommend this company.


Pinar & Gursu
Travel time: May 17, 2019

Great experience in Kathmandu valley with Everest flight

We spent 2 great days in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tour operator, Everest Vacation (Netra gave fast responses to our emails) created a unique and tailor-made program for us including Everest flight. As our research and suggestion of Netra, we visited all “must see” places (UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley) as well as Kapan Monastery. They arranged Everest flight for us to on 2nd day early morning. Everest flight was amazing (even 1 hour, unbelievable experience. During the 2 days private tour, the driver and guide were excellent and always on time. The guide also joined us during Thamel bazaar walk.

Thanks to Everest Vacation for 2 days arrangements in Kathmandu and recommend everyone.

Travel time: November 23, 2018

Unique Destinations

I was just a backpacker wandering on my own while traveling throughout the world. However, this tour of Nepal made me realize the importance of a good guide, especially in a new country. Some of the places I went would never have been on my radar if I was alone. Similarly, the local suggestions in anything from food to shopping areas were just worth it.

I had a well-rounded tour of Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Lalitpur in Nepal. But the highlight for me, if asked, will be the Everest Heli tour. As not a trekking person this was perfect for me to be closer to the Himalayas and Everest itself. I always feel that the passion to do something makes the experience more valuable. My guides here in Nepal as well as the tour operators of Everest Vacation proved it to me. The patience they showed and the urge to give every traveler more is what makes this company different and I highly recommend it.

mountain view from sarangkot, pokhara

Travel time: September 20, 2018

An unbelievable experience!

Our fantastic tour of the Himalayas including Bhutan,  and Nepal was organized seamlessly by Everest Vacation. Netra formulated this two-week trip in the best way with some outstanding memories. I am impressed with the quick and dedicated customer care, as our emails were responded to almost instantly. Between all these, we also managed to take a helicopter to Everest Base Camp. It was a childhood dream of mine, and being there was nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to Netra and the team for suggesting it on time.

Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu

Paul & Angela
United Kingdom
Travel time: October 13, 2016

4 Day Kathmandu Valley plus Mt Everest flight

The trip has been excellent. Angela and I were just discussing it. We have agreed that this has been the best trip we have done and we have done lots of trips, all over the world. Our guide has been an excellent. His English is fluent and his knowledge exemplary. We have learnt so much about Nepal. The planning and pace of the trip were just right for us. We saw everything and more that we wanted to see. The driver was also first rate. Our trips were always smooth and safe. The Hotel Shanker had wonderful charm and the staff were always pleasant, attentive and helpful. The Everst flight was stunning. We are very satisfied customers and will have no reservations recommending your company to any of our friends who may be considering visiting your beautiful country.

everest-heclicopter-reviewed by eric

United States of America
Travel time: April 22, 2015

Surpassed our expectations!

Thank you for everything.  

The experience surpassed our expectations!  The staff, helicopters, and mountains were all incredible.  We really enjoyed the stop at Everest View Hotel too.

Thank you again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– You can enter Kathmandu by international flight from Europe and other parts of Asia, Australia and USA with stopover and transit on route flight to reaching Kathmandu (Tribhuvan International airport),

– Overland from Delhi, Sikkim, and Darjeeling from India

– To enter from China catch a flight or train to Lhasa (Tibet) and then drive/fly to Kathmandu.

All valid Passports are required with a proper visa for you to enter Nepal. Visa can be obtained from your countries through Nepal Embassy and Consulate, or one can get a permit on arrival at any port of entry at the border or Kathmandu international airport. Minimum visa of a week and a maximum of 1 month can be obtained from here. If you urge to elongate the stay, your visa extension can be done for an extra cost per day or week basis.

Most of the travel agents in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu and other touristic areas, are reliable and certified by the government. Some of these agencies have been running for more than a decade with the utmost experience in travel line. However, as per your taste and duration in Nepal, you can book with us as we provide topnotch services with a flexible period of your journey.

We have an expert knowledgeable local guide with complete training and experience in culture, history of the destination you will visit. With us, you will be able to experience the destinations to your fullest without missing a thing. We keep in touch with you throughout your journey till your departure and aid you in your tour. Similarly, we have a wide range of transport vehicles for your ease and a standby team for any complications during your trip.

Nepal has four seasons including the monsoon (wet months). The climate is not too cold in winter and mildly hot in summer. The country experiences a moderate climate in every other time of the year.

You can experience the destinations differently in each weather, and the memories will be equally delightful. As for sightseeing and cultural tour, You can visit this country at any time of the year. However, the best time will be from the month of March to May and October to November when the views are clear especially of the high snow-capped mountain range.

Depending upon the duration and area of your tours, you can expect something new in every destination. Nepal will surprise you with delights as this place is like no other when it comes to traveling. Famous for numerous historical, cultural monuments which are mostly listed in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, Nepal is a travel lover’s Zion.

Nepal is a melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist with small minority of Islamic, Christians, Jain and Sikh religions.

Most of the monuments temples and monasteries are of Hindu and Buddhist religions, other places of interest are old historical Durbar squares as the palaces of former kings.

Nepal embraces you with its unique Himalayan setting full of mountains, rivers, and thick jungles as well. One can take an elephant safari in one most famous national park of Chitwan to observe wildlife and nature from close. Rare Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhinoceros many different types of deer and other wildlife and 700 species of exotic birds live in these jungles.

The other experience of Nepal is its panoramic scene of snow-capped mountains in the comfort of nice and cozy hotels and resorts and with the warm hospitality of native villagers in homestay facilities.

Whatever your taste and interest are? Nepal is an amazing country with everything you would want in a travel destination.

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