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EXPENSIVE TOUR: Luxury Helicopter Tours with Luxury Accommodation in Nepal Himalayas including Everest and Annapurna Region

Only Helicopter Tour – Luxury Trip with Luxury Accommodation, Luxury vehicle from Hotel to Helipad/Airport, Hotels with Helipad, Kathmandu to Everest Helicopter, Kathmandu to Manaslu Base Camp Heli, Manaslu Base Camp to Pokhara Heli Services, Pokhara to Annapurna Base Camp, Pokhara to Jomsom Muktinath Heli ride, Jomsom to Lo Manthang Helicopter, Jomsom to Pokhara and to Dhulikhel Helicopter Tour

Major Attractions
Heli Tour Kathmandu, Everest, Manaslu, Pokhara, Annapurna, Muktinath, Lo Manthang (Upper Mustang) & Dhulikhel
Luxury Hotels/Resorts
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When it comes to a Luxury vacation in Asia few come close to what the Luxury helicopter tour in the Himalayas Nepal can offer. This tour is proven time and again to give the best scenic view of the Everest, Manaslu, Jomsom with Upper Mustang and Annapurna.

With the major delights of Everest Base Camp Kalapatthar, Manaslu Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Jomsom, Lo Manthang, Pokhara, and Dhulikhel, the best of Nepal are off the charts of anyone’s expectation. All these and more are bound professionally with exquisite hotels, luxury transportation, and the best guides to make sure the trip is exemplary.

Luxury helicopter tour in the Himalayas Nepal

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu, heritage Tour of the Valley
Day 02: Helicopter tour in the Everest region (Everest Base Camp, Kalapatthar, and Hotel Everest View overnight)
Day 03: Helicopter flight to Manaslu Base Camp via Kathmandu, and to Pokhara
Day 04: Heli flight tour of Annapurna Base Camp, Muktinath temple, Jomsom, and Lo Manthang (Upper Mustang)
Day 05: Flight by Heli from Jomsom to Pokhara to Dhulikhel (Dwarikas Resort)
Day 06: Drive to Kathmandu via Bhaktapur tour, Departure

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Day by Day Activities

You will be escorted to the hotel in Thamel after landing at the airport in Kathmandu. After some rest and refreshment, you will take a brief tour of the valley in a luxury vehicle.

About Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a cauldron mixing culture and commerce in the lap of Himalayas. Thousands of years of history and art of different eras define this city. Kathmandu is the primary spot to enter Nepal through the air as well. This city oozes culture and architecture which has been there for hundreds of years.

Legends say that this valley once was a giant lake cut open for the residents by the Buddhist Deity Manjushree. The local people here are Newars. Newars are known for their traditional way of living and business. These people are also known for their artistic decoration on houses, wooden beams, sculptures and more in the valley.

With seven UNESCO world heritage sites in the valley, travelers can find a pristine repository of history, art, and culture in the valley. Pashupatinath, the monkey temple of Swayambhunath, Boudhanath with other main palaces of medieval Malla Kings defines the city. A small tour of these sites treats visitors with wonderful experiences.

Completing the brief introductory tour of the valley, we will drive you back to the hotel.

Overnight at Dwarikas Hotel, Kathmandu

After a hearty breakfast in the hotel, you will prepare to embrace the Everest. Our guide will escort you to the TIA for your flight. Passing by the green hills and scenic landscape, eye-catching mountain views, rural villages and local communities, we will enter Lukla.

About Lukla

Heli flight approx Time from Kathmandu to Lukla: 45 minutes helicopter ride from Kathmandu (140 km/87 miles)

Lukla Elevation: 2,845 meters / 9,334 feet above sea level

Weather/Temperature of Lukla: The month of July (Warmest Month), with an average temperature of 14.7 °C | 58.5 °F. The month of January (Coldest Month), with temperatures averaging 2.8 °C | 37.0 °F.

Lukla is an iconic town in Khumbu with the most significant airstrip for travelers to Everest. Also sated as the Gateway to Everest, Lukla is a link to the higher Khumbu region and the Himalayas. At an elevation of 9380 ft. most flights here are in the morning for clear weather. One can get the first glance of Sherpa culture at Lukla.

A quick refill-stop here and we are up over the Everest Base Camp and landing at Kalapatther.

Helicopter ride start from Lukla to Syangboche to Kalapatthar and land there. Landing time around 10 minutes as the high elevation reason (Helicopter engine will not stop during your landing experience because of high elevation and coldness) and back to Everest View Hotel via Gokyo lake overfly.

Note: A helicopter can lift only 3 person at a time in Everest base camp due to high altitude. So, if more than 3 pax, it may have to do a shuttle from Pheriche or Shyangboche.

About Everest Base Camp (EBC)

Approx Time to Everest Base Camp / Kalapatthar from Lukla: 25 minutes

Distance from Lukla to EBC: 22.65 miles / 36.46 kilometers

EBC Elevation: 5,380 m (17,600 ft) above sea level

Kalapatther Elevation: 5,643 m (18,514 ft) above sea level

Everest Base Camp is about 6 days trek or 25 minutes flight from Lukla. At an elevation of over 17,600 ft., the Southern Base Camp is the starting point of the climb for mountaineers climbing to the Summit from the Nepali side. Once here one can have an unobstructed view of the massive south face of the Everest alongside the other mountains. We can view the base camps with orange tents beside the massive Khumbu glacier flying over it.

About Kalapatther/ Kala Patthar (Black Stone)

Kalapatther is one of the most popular and gifted spots to view the massive Everest Massif in its full glory in the Himalayas. It is one of the popular day hiking destinations from the Everest Base Camp as well. This ridge at an elevation of 18500 ft., this wonderful peak lies before the Everest. Landing here one can have a fantastic view of Mt. Everest (8848 m), Mt.Lhotse (8516 m), Nuptse (7861 m ) and many more. This Panoramic spot is one of the most picturesque places to be in the Everest region.

Landing at an elevation as high as Kalapatther, you will have some 15 minutes of ground time due to thin air. After some wonderful memories and pictures from the Kalapatther, we will take off from there.

Enjoy the serenity of being close to Everest at Kalapatther and we will continue the Heli Flight to Everest view Hotel. Midway in the flight is the beautiful Gokyo lake complex.

About Gokyo Lake

Approx Time from Kalapatthar/EBC to Hotel Everest View via Gokyo Lake: 25 minutes

Distance: 15.47 miles / 24.90 kilometers

The Gokyo Lakes are the glacial lake complex in the Gokyo valley at an elevation of 4700-5000 m. There are five major lakes and hundreds of others fed by the Ngozumpa glacier. The view of Everest and Cho Oyu is pristine from the valley. These lakes are also considered holy by both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. Near the Tibetan border, you can see the ranges on both Nepalese and Tibetan sides touching the horizon.

For our overnight stay, we will land ad rest in the luxurious Hotel Everest View in Syangboche.

About Everest View Hotel

Syangboche / Hotel Everest View Elevation: 3880 meters (12,730 ft.) above sea level

The Everest View Hotel in Syangboche is a hotel located in one of the highest altitudes in the world. This hotel was listed as the world’s highest hotel by the Guinness book of world records in 2004 AD. It is located near the top of the ridge in Syangboche. As the name suggests from the premises of the hotel one can have a breathtaking view of Everest and beyond. Luxury is what best explains the hotel and you can get the best of the Everest here.

Overnight at Hotel Everest View, Syangboche.

Approx Time: 1 hours from Shangboche to Kathmandu

Distance from Hotel Everest View to Kathmandu: 86.12 miles / 138.60 kilometers

From the Everest View Hotel, view the best of the Sunrise views and breakfast. Leaving the Hotel, we will take a flight back to Kathmandu. Following a brief check and refueling at TIA, we will leave for the Manaslu Base Camp.

About Manaslu Base Camp and Samagaun

Helicopter continue flight from Syangboche to Manaslu Base Camp via Kathmandu (At Manaslu Base Camp, helicopter engine will not stop due to the high elevation), 10-15 minutes landing experiences to take photos, videos or eye catching view of mountains and flying to Pokhara.

A helicopter can lift only 3 person at a time in Manaslu base camp due to high altitude. So, if more than 3 pax, it may have to do a shuttle from Sama Gaun.

Approx Time: 50 minutes from Kathmandu to Manaslu Base Camp

Distance from Kathmandu to Manaslu Base Camp: 75.27 miles / 121.13 kilometers

Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world located in the northern ends of the Gorkha District. Standing 8,163 meters tall this beautiful peak is translated as the ‘Mountain of Spirit’ in Sanskrit. The base of the mountain is about 5 hours trek or 15 minutes flight from Samagaon village. Manaslu Base Camp is one of the best places to view the Manaslu and Ganesh range.

Samagaon is the last major settlement near the Manaslu Base Camp. This Tibetan village is one of the major attractions of the Manaslu Base Camp region. As Manaslu base camp is in a high elevation, you will have a similar brief stop as Kalapatther.

If you are in a group of more than three you will take a shuttle from Samagaun. After leaving the Manaslu Base Camp we will fly to Pokhara. After landing at the airport in Pokhara, we will escort you to the hotel. You will explore the major attractions of the city.

About Pokhara

Distance from Manaslu BC to Pokhara: 45.55 miles , 73.31 kilometers (km)

Approx Time: 40 minutes from Manaslu Base Camp to Pokhara

Pokhara is the adventure capital of Nepal. For visitors, this city has everything from viewpoints, to natural sites and religious monuments. Pokhara is also the city of lakes. The Phewa, Rupa, and Begnas lakes are three of the most beautiful ones here. The Tal Barahi (an island temple) in Phewa and Bindabashini temples are the most significant temples of the Pokhara valley. You can involve in paragliding, bungee, kayaking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities as well in the Pokhara city. The nightlife of Pokhara is also one not to miss while you are here.

Overnight at Hotel Tiger Mountain Pokhara.

After breakfast today you will experience the best of the Annapurna region. Often considered as one of the best destinations of the Himalayas, the tour begins with a flight to the base camp.

About Annapurna Base Camp

Time: 25 minutes from Pokhara to Annapurna Base Camp
Distance from Pokhara: 23.24 miles , 37.40 kilometers (km)
ABC Elevation: 4130m/13549ft from sea level

Annapurna base Cap is one of the best-selected trekking destinations in Nepal. Located at an elevation of over 4000 meters, it faces the majestic Annapurna Massif. Once in the base camp, you can have a 360° view of the Annapurna, Machhapuchhre (fishtail), and Dhaulagiri mountains. Considered as one of the most difficult peaks to climb of the 8 thousanders, Annapurna is beautiful. The base camp is gifted with scenery and views like no other place in the Himalayas.

After the pristine view of snow-capped mountains and landscape, we will leave the base camp and head towards Muktinath via Pokhara.

About Muktinath

Approx Time: 55 minutes from Pokhara to Muktinath Temple

Distance: Pokhara and Muktinath is 67 KM (kilometers) and 119.89 meters. The mile based measurement distance is 41.7 miles

Muktinath Elevation: World’s highest temples (altitude 3,800 m) above sea level

Pokhara to Annapurna base camp, after refreshment there will return Pokhara for fueling and flight to Muktinath Temple. And 10 minutes flight to Jomsom and continue flight to Lo Manthang (Upper MUstang) and back to Jomsom for overnight.

Muktinath is one of the most significant shrines in the Himalayas of Nepal. This temple is visited by hundreds of thousand Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims alike from different Asian countries. Located at the Mustang district, trekkers doing the Annapurna Circuit do the Thorung La Pass (5416 m) from Manang to reach here. Muktinath is also amongst the highest Hindu shrines around the world. Pilgrims believe that a visit here and a bath can wash away the sins of the past and present life. The Landscape surrounding the temple is also wonderful.

After a spiritual tour of Muktinath, we will head to Jomsom (10 minutes flight) for refueling.

About Jomsom

Jomsom Elevation: Altitude 2700 m above sea level
Approx Time: 10 minutes from Muktinath to Jomsom.
Distance from Muktinath: 8.61 miles , 13.86 kilometers (km)

Jomsom is an iconic town in the Mustang District also acting as its administrative headquarters. The Airstrip here is one of the busiest in the Annapurna region and easily accessible from the Pokhara airport. Jomsom is also one of the best places to start the trekking to different destinations of the region.

We will fly from Jomsom to Lo Manthang next. As a restricted area, we will need permits and a legend officer will accompany you to Lo Manthang.

About Lo Manthang

As a Lo Manthang (Upper Mustang) is a restricted area, a legend officer flying with you to Lo Manthang from Jomsom.

Approx Time: 20 minutes from Jomsom to Lomanthang
Distance: 30.75 miles / 49.49 kilometers (km) from Jomsom
Lo-Manthang Elevation: 3,840 m (12,600 ft) above sea level
Landing time: around 1 Hour in Lo-Manthang (Upper Mustang)

Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Lho. This walled city in the heart of Mustang is a repository of culture and traditional art of the local people here. The monasteries, Chhortens, houses and Mani walls of the city reflect the constituents of Tibetan Buddhism. in the center of the city is the ancient palace of the king of Lho. Visiting the region gives one an opportunity to embrace and discover the lifestyle, history, and culture of the locals here. Lo Manthang is one of the major destinations of the upper Mustang tour.

After the tour of Lo Manthang, we will fly back to a lodge in Thasang near Jomsom and rest for the day.

Overnight at Thasang Village Lodge, Jomsom.

After breakfast at Jomsom, we will fly to Pokhara. Here we will have a brief stop and fly to Dhulikhel city near Kathmandu.

Time from Jomsom to Pokhara: 45 minutes; Distance: 42.72 miles , 68.76 kilometers
Time from Pokhara to Dhulikhel: 1 hour via Kathmandu
Distance from Pokhara to Dhulikhel: 103.70 miles / 166.89 kilometers
Dhulikhel Elevation: 1550 m above sea level

About Dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is a cultural city just outside the Kathmandu valley in the Kabhrepalanchowk district. Popular for the wood arts, monuments, and traditions, Dhulikhel also offers some fantastic views of hills and Himalayas. The temples, houses, and streets here reflect the well-preserved culture of the local Newari people here. You can visit some of the nearby viewpoints and dive into the scenic nature during the Dhulikhel tour.

We will return to the Dwarika resort for the night known for authentic royal services and luxury throughout Nepal.

Overnight at Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel.

We will drive you back to Kathmandu in a luxury vehicle after breakfast. You have an option to visit the Bhaktapur city midway of the drive from Dhulikhel.

Driving distance: 18.96 miles , 30.52 kilometers (km) from Dhulikhel to Kathmandu TIA airport

About Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is the most preserved of the main three cities in Kathmandu. Locals still follow their traditional lifestyle here. You can try some of the best Newari cuisines here. Bhaktapur is also home to two of the UNESCO world heritage sites the Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Changunarayan Temple. Apart from these, there are many temples, squares, monuments, and shrines worth visiting in the city.

Our guides will escort you back to the airport before the flight. You can also do some souvenir shopping accompanied by our guides in Thamel. Return with some magnificent memories and moments from the luxury helicopter tour of Nepal.

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Traveler’s Reviews

everest-heclicopter-reviewed by eric

United States of America
Travel time: April 22, 2015

Surpassed our expectations!

Thank you for everything.  

The experience surpassed our expectations!  The staff, helicopters, and mountains were all incredible.  We really enjoyed the stop at Everest View Hotel too.

Thank you again!


California, USA
Travel time: October 27, 2015

It was a great flight

Hello Namaste,
Everything went smoothly during our Everest Helicopter flight.  No problem at all with the helicopter service.  It was a great flight.  We are very satisfied customers and will have no reservations about recommending this company to any of our friends who may be considering visiting this beautiful country Nepal.

Thank you for arranging everything!  Well done all aroun

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– You can enter Kathmandu by international flight from Europe and other parts of Asia, Australia and USA with stopover and transit on route flight to reaching Kathmandu (Tribhuvan International airport),

– Overland from Delhi, Sikkim, and Darjeeling from India

– To enter from China catch a flight or train to Lhasa (Tibet) and then drive/fly to Kathmandu.

All valid Passports are required with a proper visa for you to enter Nepal. Visa can be obtained from your countries through Nepal Embassy and Consulate, or one can get a permit on arrival at any port of entry at the border or Kathmandu international airport. Minimum visa of a week and a maximum of 1 month can be obtained from here. If you urge to elongate the stay, your visa extension can be done for an extra cost per day or week basis.

Most of the travel agents in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu and other touristic areas, are reliable and certified by the government. Some of these agencies have been running for more than a decade with the utmost experience in travel line. However, as per your taste and duration in Nepal, you can book with us as we provide topnotch services with a flexible period of your journey.

We have an expert knowledgeable local guide with complete training and experience in culture, history of the destination you will visit. With us, you will be able to experience the destinations to your fullest without missing a thing. We keep in touch with you throughout your journey till your departure and aid you in your tour. Similarly, we have a wide range of transport vehicles for your ease and a standby team for any complications during your trip.

Nepal has four seasons including the monsoon (wet months). The climate is not too cold in winter and mildly hot in summer. The country experiences a moderate climate in every other time of the year.

You can experience the destinations differently in each weather, and the memories will be equally delightful. As for sightseeing and cultural tour, You can visit this country at any time of the year. However, the best time will be from the month of March to May and October to November when the views are clear especially of the high snow-capped mountain range.

Depending upon the duration and area of your tours, you can expect something new in every destination. Nepal will surprise you with delights as this place is like no other when it comes to traveling. Famous for numerous historical, cultural monuments which are mostly listed in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, Nepal is a travel lover’s Zion.

Nepal is a melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist with small minority of Islamic, Christians, Jain and Sikh religions.

Most of the monuments temples and monasteries are of Hindu and Buddhist religions, other places of interest are old historical Durbar squares as the palaces of former kings.

Nepal embraces you with its unique Himalayan setting full of mountains, rivers, and thick jungles as well. One can take an elephant safari in one most famous national park of Chitwan to observe wildlife and nature from close. Rare Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhinoceros many different types of deer and other wildlife and 700 species of exotic birds live in these jungles.

The other experience of Nepal is its panoramic scene of snow-capped mountains in the comfort of nice and cozy hotels and resorts and with the warm hospitality of native villagers in homestay facilities.

Whatever your taste and interest are? Nepal is an amazing country with everything you would want in a travel destination.

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