3 Days Kathmandu Cultural Tour

Tour itinerary:

3 Days Kathmandu Cultural Tour

Day 01: Tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath, approx: 05 – 06 hours.
An interesting sightseeing tour of historical and cultural tour with pleasant scenery around Kathmandu city with Everest Vacation, morning our cultural guide will pick you from your hotel, with a short ride to Kathmandu Durbar Square, tour of the historical sites, history and rich culture of the ancient royal durbar square and Hanuman Dhoka (palace) then visit old Kastamandap Temple (where Kathmandu name given from) a temple built of wood of a single tree, visit Kumari Goddess (living virgin goddess) resident place where Kumari a very young girl, after puberty phase replaced by another young Kumari.

After an interesting sightseeing tour with short drive to the west of the city at Swayambhunath Stupa located on a hillock, with stunning views of Kathmandu city, rolling green hills that encircles the valley with distance snow capped mountains.

Swayambhunath “Monkey Temple”

Swayambhunath an oldest historical monument listed in World Heritage Sites with more than 2, 5000 years old Buddhist religion complex with massif dome shape stupa overloking four mystical eyes of Buddha around four directions North, South, East and West. After a wonderful visit of the monastery and chapels, Sywambhunath surrounded with green woodland with a lot of monkeys around and this place is also called as “Monkey Temple”.

Our next interesting sightseeing visit leads towards Pashupatinath Temple area, here non Hindu are not allowed inside the main entrance of the temple, but visitors can have a glimpse of the temple and its surrounding from the Bagmati river side this famous Shiva temple adorned with golden pagoda style tier roofs, four silver doors surrounded with serene woodland with many monkeys around. This place is crowded with pilgrims and devotees in the month of February on Shiva Ratri (birth anniversary of lord Shiva). Close on the opposite side of the river funeral and cremation takes places for all Hindu religion, after an interesting and exciting tour return back to your hotels at leisure rest of the afternoon.

Day 02: Tour of Patan (Lalitpur) & Bhaktapur, approx: 05 – 06 hours.
Morning after breakfast a short drive towards south of the city across the bridge enters Patan or Lalitpur city a “city of arts” here tour of old Palace area with courtyard (Durbar) and tall terracotta building, impressive intricate window carvings, and the huge stone Krishna Temple in front pillar of Garuda a vehicle of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna, after a great interesting time here drive to Kathmandu valley 3rd largest city, this medieval city at one time capital of Nepal during the regime of Malla period around 12th to 15th century.

Bhaktapur renown for arts in woodcarving and pottery, visit the famous Durbar Square with golden gate, 55 windows palace, and the impressive peacock window with tour of Bhaktapur another large Durbar Square houses Nytapola Temple, Bhaktapur National Art Gallery, and Bhairavnath Temple of Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur Durbar “city of arts”

After a wonderful and interesting day observing old culture, religions and traditions that still exists in the old Himalayan kingdom at Kathmandu return back to hotel with rest of the afternoon free at leisure.

Day 03: Tour of Kirtipur, Khokana, Bungmati, Pharping & Dakshinkali Approx: 05 – 06 hrs.
Today a famous tour visiting the old life of Newari and Nepali as it was for many centuries in the medieval and rural areas south of Kathmandu valley rim, morning drive to Pharping which is about 6 k.m on southern edge of Kathmandu city this place is renowned as Buddhist nunnery and monastery with caves where in 6-7th century Guru Rinpoche “Padmasamba” from India visited this place on route Tibet stayed here for years in meditation in the caves around Pharping. From here a short drive to famous Dakshinkali Temple a ferocious looking goddesses, where devotes and pilgrims offers blood after sacrificing small animals like goats and chickens Saturday is flooded with worshipper, this place is famous for pears fruits located in a Chobar gorge where Bagmati river enters through.

From here visit Kirtipur means city of glory or valor this city located on the edge of the valley with Kirtipur history dates back from 1099 AD. It was part of the territory of Lalitpur at the time of the invasion of the Kathmandu Valley by the Gorkha king Prithvi Narayan Shah in the 18th century.

In Kirtipur visit Bagh Bhairab temple dedicated to the God Bhairab in the form of a tiger. This god is regarded as the guardian of Kirtipur and the locals call it Ajudeu.

Chilancho Stupa: a Buddhist shrine built in medieval period. An inscription of Nepal Samvat 635 is found in this Chaitya. Therefore, it is one of the most important historical stupa of this region.

3 Days Kathmandu Cultural Tour
Dakshinkali, the powerful goddess at south of Kathmandu

Uma Maheshwar: Uma Maheshwar temple (locally, Kwacho Dega) one of the important heritage sites of Kirtipur. This pagoda-style three-storied temple is situated at the highest point at 1,414 m. with fabulous views of Kathmandu valley and mountains towards north.

Shri Kirti Bihar: a Theravada Buddhist monastery built in traditional Thai architectural style is located at the entrance to the city.

After an enjoyable morning a short drive towards Bungmati and Kokana villages located on the very edge of Kathmandu valley where the way of life villagers still

Exists at is was for many past centuries, and old Newari village with some Tamang and other tribe as minority, here visit the local old houses and famous temples, this place famous for handmade garments and mustard oils.

From here with an interesting and impressive living of the local villagers return back to hotel with rest of the afternoon free at leisure.