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3 Days Kathmandu Cultural Tour

Historical, Cultural, Newari People local lifestyle, Farming activities  ||   Extermly Popular  ||   3 Days

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Kritipur, Bungmati, Pharping & Dakshinkali

Major Attractions World Heritage sites, Hindu Temples, Buddhist Stupas, History of Newari people and culture ,Local lifestyle, Farming activities
Best Season All Months

There are three principal cities in Kathmandu Valley namely Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. There are three Durbar (Palace) Squares in these cities under UNESCO Heritage sites, and ultimately these Sites are the living history of Kathmandu Valley.

If you are a traveller with three or more travel days, plan to Kathmandu this itinerary will be most beneficial for you. This tightly managed itinerary doesn’t compromises with the quality of your experiences but manages your time and schedule in a way that you will make most of your Kathmandu visit. In the span of mere three days, you will be experiencing one of the closest encounters with this grand place; it’s people, their culture, tradition and religion and their rich history in a crafted Vessel. You will peek into the lifestyle of locals and try the Newari Cuisines in your journey. The natural sceneries of the rice plantation beyond the green hills with the snowcapped mountains in distant, be ready to make some boundless memories in Kathmandu.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath, approx: 05 – 06 hours.

Day 02: Tour of Patan (Lalitpur) & Bhaktapur, approx: 05 – 06 hours.

Day 03: Tour of Kirtipur, Khokana, Bungmati, Pharping & Dakshinkali Approx: 05 – 06 hrs.

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    Day to Day Journey

    5-6 hours

    A captivating morning tour with Everest Vacation, our city, and cultural guide will receive you from the hotel in the first hour of the day. You will then start the day with a guided tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square. A place with a stockpile of old history and rich culture, visiting old Royal Durbar Square is experiencing medieval Nepal as a whole.

    One of the major attraction here was Kastamandap Temple (where Kathmandu was named) a temple built from the wood of a single tree. Sadly, the temple with a couple of other monuments was destroyed from the earthquake of 2015. However, you can still visit the ruins of these temples. Then you will have a tour of Kumari Goddess Temple (Only living goddess in Nepal). The Divine Goddess is here from her tender age, and she remains in the position until her puberty period. The priests then select the next Goddess to replace her.

    Walk around the world famous freak street, A popular destination in Kathmandu in the early 1960s to ’80s for budget tourist and hippies before Thamel established as a tourist center.

    From here you will travel towards the western delight of the Valley. Located in the hilltop Swyambhunath is the oldest shrine of this nation. Attended by Hindus and Buddhists alike this place is an excellent destination for a quick hike and some fresh air.

    About 2500 years old, Swyambhunath is also the oldest Unesco Heritage site in Nepal. An environment with positive vibes and abundant pilgrims circumambulating the area, you can just feel in the atmosphere all day long. The white dome in the top of the hill is the main structure here. With the abundant population of monkeys residing in the Temple, Swyambhunath area is also popular as 'The Monkey Temple.' From the hilltop, you can enjoy the panoramic view of most parts of Kathmandu and the hills that surround the city. in clear weather you can also view multiple mountain ranges in the far North.

    After your lunch, take a short rest and be ready to experience the most significant Hindu temple of Nepal, you head towards the north of the city towards the holy temple of Pashupatinath in the late afternoon. As Non-Hindu tourists and personnel cant enter the main temple area, you can explore the other monuments and shrines under the vast field of Pashupatinath. Extending in both sides of the Holy Bagmati river the temple complex has more than 518 temples in a 264-hectare area.

    From Pashupatinath, you drive further north-east to reach the Boudhanath Stupa. This stupa is the biggest stupa of Nepal and also listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. Boudhanath is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. The majestic architecture of the dome is balanced with the Buddhism vibe going all around it. You can spend some time here Taking sips of Tibetan tea and enjoying the view from one of the rooftop here. You will also get a chance to shop for your souvenirs in the shops surrounding the Stupa.

    After the nice refreshing tour of the Heritage and religious sites, return to your hotel and get some rest and refreshments.

    5-6 hours

    Your morning starts with some hot beverage, and you move to the third major city of Bhaktapur. Also known as Bhadgaon(the land of rice), Bhaktapur offers you the less disturbed cultural places in the Valley. Walking through the stone patched streets here you can admire the art form and architecture in every corner. The area is famous for beautiful pottery as well as wood and stone carvings. The significant places not to miss in your visit are The Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapola Temple square with surrounding temples, Bhaktapur national art gallery and the 55 windows palace.

    After your trip, Bhaktapur has lunch and proceed towards the city of arts, Patan. Also known as Lalitpur, this city is the second largest city in the valley. A quieter neighborhood than the capital, Patan is a living cultural destination in your trip. You'll have a visit to the Patan Durbar Square, where full of architectural brilliance and art packed streets wait for you. Explore the Krishna Temple, One of the most eye-catching and religiously essential sculptures of the square. People believe that this vast temple was carved into a single enormous stone. After your experience rich visit, return to your hotel.

    5-6 hours

    Today you will have an authentic look at the locals of Kathmandu, the Newars. Newari people lived in the place from centuries ago, and one can still see their rich culture and tradition in their architecture and way of living. About 6km from the city to the southern edge of this whole valley, you will reach a small town of Pharping. Famous for their diverse culture and tradition, this suburb city is in the lap of natural scenery. There is a monastery here where people believe that Guru Rinpoche meditated in caves. Pharping is also a gateway to one of the famous Hindu Goddess temple in the whole nation, Dakshinkali. In the way, you can visit the Chovar gorge and beautiful Manjushree park.

    You will then visit the historic city of Kritipur. Popular for the Newari neighborhood and their authentic cuisine this place was a separate kingdom before king P.N Shah merged Nepal. This city of glory believes in unity, and you can see that in the community festivals when the whole settlement comes together. Walking through the streets, you can explore the ancient Newari architecture of making their houses. The subtle wood carvings people use in their windows, doors, and roof will be a treat for you.

    In Kirtipur visit Bagh Bhairab temple, dedicated to the God Bhairab in the form of a tiger. This god is regarded as the guardian of Kirtipur, and the locals call him Ajudeu.

    Chilancho Stupa: is a Buddhist shrine built in the medieval period. An inscription of Nepal Samvat 635 is found in this Chaitya. Therefore, it is one of the most historical stupas of this region.

    Uma Maheshwar: Uma Maheshwar temple (locally, Kwacho Dega) is one of the famous heritage sites of Kirtipur. This pagoda-style three-storied temple is situated at a high hill at 1,414 m of altitude. This site With fabulous views of Kathmandu valley and different mountains ranges towards the north.

    Shri Kirti Bihar: a Theravada Buddhist monastery built in traditional Thai architectural style. Located at the entrance to the city, its magnificent architecture is alluring.

    After spending some quality time in Kritipur, you will now head towards the beautiful villages of Bungmati and Kokana. This village tour is ideal for learning the ancient history and lifestyle of Nepal. These villages have unchanged and undisturbed lifestyle from centuries ago. The majority of people are Newars while other tribesmen also live in perfect harmony here. The monuments here are preserved by the locals, and you can experience the traditional farming and husbandry techniques here. This place is also famous for hand-made garments and organic mustard oil production. You will be gazing at a different Nepal in these places, and the village tour will be a perfect way to end your day as you return to your hotel.

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    Temple after earthquake 2015

    Travelling in 2016

    Richard, United States

    Excellent Trip

    My wife, son and I want to thank you for providing us with an excellent trip to Nepal. Your company was very organized with all of the necessary plane and hotel reservations made well in advance of our trip. Your company arranged all the necessary Visas and the guides in each country were knowledgeable and helpful. My wife appreciated the guide’s assistance in walking. Thanks again. Sincerely,


    Travelling in 2015

    Paul & Angela, Great Britain

    4 Day Kathmandu Valley plus Mt Everest flight

    The trip has been excellent. Angela and I were just discussing it. We have agreed that this has been the best trip we have done and we have done lots of trips, all over the world. Our guide has been an excellent. His English is fluent and his knowledge exemplary. We have learnt so much about Nepal. The planning and pace of the trip were just right for us. We saw everything and more that we wanted to see. The driver was also first rate. Our trips were always smooth and safe. The Hotel Shanker had wonderful charm and the staff were always pleasant, attentive and helpful. The Everst flight was stunning. We are very satisfied customers and will have no reservations recommending your company to any of our friends who may be considering visiting your beautiful country.

    Many thanks