Champadevi Hike – A Colossal Canvas of Nature

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Champadevi is a spectacular Hill destination situated in the south-west fringe of the Kathmandu Valley. A pilgrimage locus for both Hindu and Buddhist devotees this crusade pledges you with the magnificent landscape, mountain scenes, and all-inclusive view of the Kathmandu valley. Capture the moment and experience one of the finest and most preferred hikes, the Champadevi hike in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Dakshinkali Road, Parking of Hattiban Resort
Dakshinkali Road, Parking of Hattiban Resort
Hiking near hattiban resort
Hiking near Hattiban Resort
Hattiban Resort
Hattiban Resort
Mountain view druing hike in Champadevi hill
Mountain view during a hike in Champadevi hill

To commence this Day hike you must either drive about 17km south of Kathmandu to Dakshinkali (Hattiban Resort Parking or Pahiro) or drive straight to Hattiban Resort (1705m). The trails meet on the upper ridge from Hattiban Resort. A hike from Dakshinkali Road (Pahiro) to the ridge of Hattiban constitutes a dense forest with slightly small trails. So this Jungle path provides you with natural virtues rather than scenes.

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The accent starts from the upper dune of Hattiban Resort. The trail is wide and easier as we can view the stunning view of Kathmandu Valley from here. As we gain some height the landscapes open up to give us perplexing views of the Mountain range and high hilly dunes. Central and western Himalayan ranges of Langtang, Gaurishankar, Jugal, and Dorge Lakpa are visible in clear weather from here.

Tourist in Champadevi Hiking with group
Tourist in Champadevi Hiking with group
Hiking Dakshinkali road to hattiban resort
Hiking Dakshinkali road to hattiban resort
Gumba near resort
Gumba near resort

The steep trail is cut off with the arrival of steps towards Champadevi temple from an altitude of 1948m. Carry on to these steps and you will reach the Champadevi temple (2285m). This trek to Champadevi takes 2.5 – 3 hours for an average person. As most of the hike is along the ridge you can complete this hike without any complications and steadily too.

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As you start your descent you will follow another avenue to Machchhegaun(1398m). The return terrain to Machchhegaun is steep and vigorous but the trail opens up wider here. Similarly, you can have an overview of the Kathmandu valley from this route too.

You can drive to Kathmandu from Machchhegaun via Kritipur and end this day’s hike. The hike is completed in about 5-6 hours and you have enough time to spend on the summit too. You can also make your way to Bhasmesur(2622m) which is the highest peak of these hills and return through Thankot (this hike may be long and tiresome though).

What to expect in this Champadevi hike?

Hiking is the most approached way to explore Nepal as it provides much more adventure to the traveler. Champadevi hike is among the seemingly easy but popular hikes around Kathmandu. This hike constitutes both religious and scenic factors. The views from the summit and along the trail of the Himalayan ranges are eye-appealing and heartwarming. You can also visit Champadevi during different special religious occasions for a better abstraction of the socio-cultural aspects here.

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When to Hike?

Well, the Champadevi hike provides different experiences in different seasons. So each time you can expect a unique and satisfying result. This trail is suitable for hiking all year long and proves to be worthy every time. However, you can avoid rainy days for an easy hike and the best scenic views this hike will provide.

Tips for the hike

  • Start the hike early so you will have enough time to spend at the summit.
  • Check your hiking gear and prepare at least a couple of days before the hike.
  • Have a light breakfast which will help you on the hike. You can carry energy bars too.

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